30 December 2011

Leg Bracelets?

Via Pearl&Shine
In theory this is an ok idea. The thigh is one of the few remaining areas we don't really adorn with jewelry. But aside from a few models and teenagers, who of us can really justify our thighs being bisected at the meatiest part?

Love Lara Stone!

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Wrapped In Silver

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29 December 2011

Timothy Bloom - 'Til the End of Time Video

This is a beautiful song and an even more beautiful video. If you haven't yet, check it out. Stunning and one of my absolute favorites! Featuring V. Bozeman. (Modest Nudity)

Here Comes The Sun

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Field of Flowers

Via StreetEtiquette

28 December 2011

Beautiful People

Via ChampagneTruffles

Plastic Head Scarves

Is it me or does that plastic head scarf just make the look? Who's grandma didn't wear one of these?

Red Velvet

Via BourbonandPearls
Check out this charming red velvet coat, reminiscent of Victorian fashion. Perfect for the holidays. The short skirt and the gloves punk it up just the right amount.

27 December 2011


Via Pinterest
Caught in the depths of a midwest winter and wrapped in the icy grip of a flu, I can think of nothing more inviting.

The Best Pony Tail

Via PreppieBettie
The best pony tail in the whole wide world. Would you not kill for that volume and shine?

Christmas Love

My Christmas loves! The Chinese Laundry Hot Desert Bootie.
What did you loves get for Christmas?

26 December 2011

Neutral Rooms

I love this color palette; it's so pristine. But would it ever get a little monotonous?

Via ChampagneTruffles   

Fun With Fur

Via Mashanastic
I like the coral. It freshens up the fur and gives it a bit of a fun summery twist.

Red on Red

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22 December 2011

3 Shopping Days Left

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Handsome Men's Club

Jimmy Kimmel came out with this at Oscar time last year and if you haven't seen it, you are missing out on a beautiful piece of theatre. Featuring every handsome man Hollywood has to offer. Literally.

The Evolution of the Hipster

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21 December 2011

4 Shopping Days Left!

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Parisian Party

Via ClassyInTheCity
This is a gorgeous color palette for a holiday party - every shade of purple imaginable and red. And what a show-stopping location for a rooftop party, no?

Peach Perfection

Via ClassyInTheCity
I am the biggest fan of sheer peach tops lately. It's a great compliment to a range of fairer skin tones and looks great accented with darker colors.

Holiday Pretty

Via AllDressedInArgyle
A picture perfect Diana Agron for an I am Number Four shoot. So lady-like/sultry.

20 December 2011


I know this is old (July '10 - you know, World Cup time) but I thought of it the other day and had to check it out. The best part? It's even better than I remembered and somehow more topical than ever. It's from V Magazine, featuring super models giving their best sports "Wives And Girlfriends" looks. Priceless.

Starbucks Down The Runway

Via PreppieBettie
This only serves to further prove my statement on Starbucks as fashion accessory. Dsquared sent models down the runway clutching them. I mean damn.

5 Shopping Days Left

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Blue + Red Fashion

Via Pinterest
Gorgeous! Love the dress and bag colors, love the cut of the dress, love the jewels, love the hair! This is maxi dress done right.

19 December 2011

We've Hit 10,000!

Thanks to all you fashion plates and design lovers, both regular reader and passer-by! You know a good thing when you see it. Here's to more beauty and love in the coming months.

6 Shopping Days Left

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Why Are Bicycles So Charming?

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Winter Starbucks

Via ChampagneTruffles
What?! What is this? Why haven't any of my iced coffees this holiday season come in charming snowflake cups? Jealous.

Plaid Glam

Via AllDressedInArgyle
Loving everything about this photo! A) That belt is incredible and I think metallic and metal belts are gonna be huge come spring. B) Who doesn't love big sparkly necklaces? C) I have become obsessed with the mongolian lamb style of fur on this vest this month.

16 December 2011

Studded Bra Tops

Via Vogue
Via PreppieBettie

Fashion trend alert! These are going to be huge this summer. Designers are showing studded bras/bikinis everywhere right now!  Whether you wear it as a bra top under an unbuttoned shirt or jacket, or just as a bikini top by itself at the pool, you gotta rock those studs. The interest lies in the juxtaposition of such a tiny and revealing piece of intimate clothing being so tough and badass.

Just Passing Through

Via ClassyInTheCity
Marisa Miller Moore roars into the faded pastel world of an abandoned strip out west. The unrelenting black of her bike and outfit pose a stark contrast to the simultaneously cheery/dilapidated scenery.

Truer Words Were Never Spoken

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15 December 2011

LA Casual

Via Pinterest
Some summer fun to keep you all going on these cold December nights. Lovely use of texture and color.

MK + A Art

Via PreppieBettie
How adorable is this little fashion sketch featuring none other than moguls Mary Kate and Ashley. I'm angling for a pair of those leopard boots for Christmas. I believe the signature is Hayden Williams (?)

14 December 2011


Oh so romantic with more than a hint of modern spice. The perfect combo! Did I mention orange is the new black?

Winter Mint

Via AtlanticPacific
Loving the mint green and fawn color palette for winter!

Neon Collars

Via MonicaRose
A very merry pop of color for your outfit.