29 August 2013

Leather Monogram Cuff

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Bea-utiful. And reasonably priced to boot! $40 at MarleyLilly.com. A nice leathery, equestrian flavor to them. And who doesn't love a monogram?!

26 August 2013

WWII Babes

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23 August 2013

North West

She's finally made her debut! And I have to say, it's a bit startling to see a baby so stunningly beautiful. Cute isn't even it. She's gorgeous! Congrats to Kim and Kanye.
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21 August 2013


The classic Cinderella plight set to a Beyonce mashup. It's every bit the hip-hop fairytale you'd hope it would be!

Sun Bathing Beauties

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Ahh, remember the days when tanning was fun and healthy and doctor recommended?
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Yep, that's a baby. Tanning.

Tell me more about that younger looking skin...

18 August 2013

16 August 2013

Collegiate Retro

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Shimmery Gold Eyes

I really love some subtle gold shimmer on eyes. Always have, always will. Take a look at some of these designs for inspiration.

Here's a wonderful tutorial for a gold smokey eye that's kind of my go-to look when I need some shimmer. Give it a look because it's especially great for summer. BTW, hollyannaeree has a fantastic youtube channel full of makeup fun. She's a MAC pro and her reviews and tutorials are pretty awesome.

And of course here are a few of my favorites:
Revlon Illuminance in Precious Metals. It's a creme shadow, which I prefer simply becase the color is a bit more saturated and has more staying power.

ELF also makes a great affordable eye quad...for $1! The Butternut has a lovely range of shimmery golden shades. Sometimes I layer them over a creme shadow to create a little texture and depth.

13 August 2013

Artful Egg Shells

Let's do this next year for Easter...
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Little Gold Dress

Forget the little black dress. We all need a little gold sparkly number! This particular one is the Striking Gold Dress from ModCloth. Sadly sold out for the time being. But you get the idea!
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08 August 2013

America Map

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Chic Black Casual

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I am in love with how chic yet casual this look is. Ripped jeans and a T are great for summer but the bag and blazer step it up just a little. The clean color palette really seals the deal.

07 August 2013

Polka Dots de la Renta

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Polka dotted mermaid gown by Oscar de la Renta.

Wade & Sons Cover Ebony, Trayvon

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Dwyane Wade and sons on the cover of Ebony magazine; a beautiful family photo and a powerful reminder that no matter what we wear or how we look, we're all in this together.

06 August 2013

A Word on Measurements: Your Bra Size

We have ALL heard how 90% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and how we're all generally wearing a bra that's way way way too small in cup size... And then we all assume that we're part of that 10% that's got it exactly right. Myself included. But I admit I have been cursing my unmentionables a lot lately so I paid attention this time when I stumbled upon a lovely article again espousing the merits of the correct bra size.
Here is a link: www.reddit.com/r/ABraThatFits/ Read it all. It's magnificent.
1)So you strip down naked, bend at the waist, parallel to the ground, and measure around your back and hanging breasts loosely without squishing or reshaping them. Write that number down.
2)Measure your ribcage right under your breasts where the band should fit. Write that number down.
Now punch the numbers into this excellent size calculator: www.sophisticatedpair.com
3) Stare agog at the size bra you SHOULD be wearing. I will tell you I have been wearing a 36 A or a heavily padded B. Sometimes a 38 band if I can find it (you can't) because I thought I had a big rib cage and something wasn't fitting. This I knew. Well, problem solved. Apparently I should be in a...

Yeah, I remeasured a few times just to be sure. I am skeptical. And now the hunt is on for a store that actually carries such a rando size to actually try on (a Target purchase this ain't). And so I say that maybe the reason we're all wearing the wrong bra size is because most non-bra-exclusive stores only carry about 5 sizes that we all shoehorn ourselves into and make due.

02 August 2013

01 August 2013

Cool Custom Cases

Guys, I found the greatest site today! TheCaseStudio.com allows you to custom create your own phone cases or notebook covers. Loads of options, several phone brands, use your own photo, monogram it, the possibilities are endless! And completely customizable! I spent way too much time trying out different designs. So much fun. I think I found my sister's b-day present! Prep-tastic summer fun that'll have you looking so stylish.
And luckily they have a fab Living Social deal right now that'll get you $45 worth of designing for only $19. Check it out here!

Beauty and the Beast

Via BourbonandPearls
Did you know that Bulldogs were initially bred to fight bulls and bears that were tied to a stake? For sport? This practice was smartly outlawed in London in 1835. And that most  Bulldogs (80%!) are birthed via Caesarean section because their XL heads become lodged in the birth canal?

Faceted Phones

Bling out your iPhones with these awesome cases from Marc by Marc Jacobs. In gold or silver at Nordstrom. Love 'em! And they have the brand name stamped down the side, lest anyone think you buy generic ;)

A Tan and Not Much Else

Sometimes simplest is best
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