31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Stripe Love

Via NantucketYouth

Double Pocket Squares

Via ChiVaPiano
Double Pocket Squares?! I've never seen anyone attempt this before, but I think I might like it. It's a lovely pop of color and texture. Would you?

30 October 2011

70s Reboot

Via AllDressedInArgyle
Ruffly shirt, tweedy menswear vest, floppy hat, oversized glasses? The 70s are definitely back.

29 October 2011

Parisian Fashion

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Smokey Gold Eye

I love gold glitter for eyelids. It's festive and fun and, if you do it right, not at all obnoxious. I would say that the key is to keep it only on the lid and not go up to the brow bone with the shimmers, which is actually a good rule of thumb, but if you have deep set eyes like me, you know that it will never ever get seen just on the lid. So it depends on the look and style you're going for. Smokey eyes with gold is nice because it softens the drama of a full-on smokey eye and makes it a little more playful. I like Give Me Gold by Maybelline and Revlon Illuminance Cream in Precious Metals. I believe the gold pictured above is MAC.

28 October 2011

Pop Art Outfit

Via MonicaRose
What a trippy and pop art-y style outfit. Love the glimpses of a geometric grid and polka dots on a black background. It's very clean and stark. How cool would this look in a black and white film?

Nautical Shorts

Via AKidNameGreen


Via AKidNameGreen

27 October 2011

The White Dinner Jacket

Today we take a look at a classic: The White Dinner Jacket.
 This one one of my favorite looks, but care must be taken not to violate any of the socially acceptable standards for wearing. Introduced in the 1930s, this is considered black tie apparel. Black tie is a dress code for evening social functions that is formal but not as formal and/or rigid as white tie. 
The white dinner jacket is cut exactly as its black counter-part and was formulated as a warm weather option for black tie events. Back then, formal wear was made from heavy wool and the weight and color made for a rather hot and unpleasant evening. Enter the white dinner jacket; perfect for sultry nights in the South, the Caribbean and other warm weather climates. This look began when the wealthy were off on their exotic vacations and still needing to dress formally in the heat. It also lends itself to the wealthy because great care must be taken not to dirty the garment, leaving any but the most leisure of activities out of the question.

They are available and correct in single and double breasted, have white peak or shawl collars and are worn with black bow ties and cummerbunds, but never vests (as this extra fabric would have defeated the coolness of the jacket).

Etiquette dictates that these be worn only in areas deemed tropic and subtropic climates. That includes the areas highlighted in yellow on the map:
Basically, if it's not legitimately swelteringly humid out, don't even think about it. Which is why this was the fashion statement of choice for Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca and Sean Connery in Goldfinger.

So there you have it. It's a formal, black tie appropriate look that'll set you apart from the sea of black tuxedos, but attempt only in hot, tropical weather. Otherwise you risk looking a  bit gimmicky and silly.

Navy and Aqua

Beautiful colors! So bold and bright and crisp. The piping and pocket square are stylish touches that push this look above and beyond. I love to see people that can incorporate color and still look polished versus garish.

Plaid on Plaid

Via Pinterest
Why don't men wear patterns anymore? Such a reluctance to break from uniformity. It's a shame. Even "wild" patterns can look very polished and sophisticated when done right.

The Great Gatsby: First Look

Here's your first look at costumes for Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. Toby Maguire plays narrator Nick Carraway and is joined by Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby and Carey Mulligan as Daisy. Set for release Christmas 2012. Cannot wait to see the rest of the costumes and sets!

Greek Travel Chic

Via InYourAtmosphere

26 October 2011

Child Trench Coats

You absolutely cannot go wrong with little kids in trench coats. You can't. Adorable, classy, stylish, worldly and rather precious. Even if you're not on official business at the Kremlin.

On The Rocks

Via ChiVaPiano
Anja Rubik photographed by Ezra Petronio for Self Service F/W 2011.

25 October 2011

Penguin Sweaters

Dear lord they are cute! But as cute as they are, these sweaters are functional as well. Seems that penguins who have had unfortunate run-ins with oil spills are put in these little sweaters after they have been cleaned up. The oil destroys their feathers as well as the oils in their skin that help keep them warm and cozy and clean and healthy. So the penguins (in this case off the coast of Australia) are given the sweaters during their time in rehab while they regain their strength and heal so they can be released back into their habitats.

Green and Grey

Such spot-on texture composition. Let's break down this pic and see why it works.

1st, we have a very tight color palette that we're looking at here. Green, black, grey and a mud color. That's it, that's all. In fact, the color palette of the entire photo is that. The green in the door and the plants is picked up by the bag. The stairs, door detailing and handrail pick up the colors of the outfit and the texture of the fur actually mimics the shape of the leaves by her shoulder.

Style Tip of the Day: a tight color palette is the quickest, easiest way to pull a random outfit together.

2nd, texture. Because her outfit is monotone, the visual interest is all about the texture and layering. Fur is a great way to add interest (and warmth) to a look.

3rd, layering. Who told you (months ago) about laying your tights? (We did!) A minidress totally works in the cool weather if you add a few layers to keep your legs warm. It's also very trendy right now.

Sparkly Things

Via Pinterest
Hello gorgeous. These are Coralia Leets Double Shaped Clear Quartz and White Druzy Earrings. Full disclosure, I have never heard of druzy before, but it sure is pretty. The beautiful neutrals will no doubt lend themselves to practically every outfit you own. Available at www.shopatchurchill.com.

Vocab time!  Druzy or druse, noun, an incrustation of small crystals on the surface of a rock or mineral. ~dictionary.com

On The Greens

Model Ania Chiz poses in the Poupee Sans Coeur shoot for Fashion Gone Rogue. 
Styled by Nadja Mara Brvar.

Bunk Bed Deluxe

Via BourbonandPearls
Now that is the way to do bunk beds!

24 October 2011

Native American Headdress

Via KhloeKardashian
Good God this is stunning. This photo was shot for World's Most Beautiful, the world's first 3-D magazine. It's amazing on it's own; can you even imagine this in 3-D? The pure theatricality of these headdresses is really incredible in their design.

McQueen Clutch

Via FashionIsMyReligion

Rihanna Red

Via FashionIsMyReligion

23 October 2011

Fall Color

Via lookbook
I love these pants! What a perfectly subdued shade of sea-foam green to easy your way into a sea of brown accessories on a warm fall day. Paired with leopard and rings and things; what could be better?
Pants by Espaco1098 in Brazil.

21 October 2011

All Versace, All The Time

Time to get excited! The Versace for H & M collection hits stores November 17th! 


Flawless Grecian Style

Blake Lively, you have never looked better. And that is saying something! Whoever styled this look deserves a medal. Perfect modern interpretation of a Greek goddess. The dress is perfectly draped, yet figure-hugging, which is key if you want to wear a Greek inspired dress today. The accessories are great and the hair - flawless! So pretty.

Pattern Perfect

Via StreetEtiquette

20 October 2011

Halloween Costume Countdown

Via Pinterest

10 days and counting. Do you have you're Halloween costume yet. Stayed tuned in the coming days for more last minute ideas!

How To Tie A Turband 3 Ways

If any of you struggle with tying on a headscarf and not looking ridiculous, this is a wonderful tutorial. The very fashionable LEAF (living, eating and fashion) has produced this ingenious video. Very adorable and very useful.

Color Palettes and Apps

Via FashionIsMyReligion
This. Is. A. Fabulous. Color palette. Very Steve Zissou. And the designs aren't bad either.

And designers, speaking of color palettes, if you have an iphone, check out an app called Color Schemer. It allows you to create tons of color palettes, play around with quantity, browse the palettes others have created and generally experiment with color schemes. It's wonderful! And very inspirational. And free.

High Heel Hell

Via FashionIsMyReligion
In case you needed any justification for the pain you're feeling at the end of the day, I submit to you Exhibit A. Not that it'll stop any of you but...yikes! The caption states that the bulk of the weight of the body is bore by the ball of the foot, inviting fractures.

19 October 2011

Urban Oasis

Via AllDressedInArgyle
An old snapshot from the grounds of the Beverly Hills Hotel, one of the most storied, historic and iconic hotels in Los Angeles. It's such an eerie picture in such an infamous setting. It opened in 1912 on Sunset Boulevard, a giant pink Mediterranean structure housing some of Hollywood's most glamorous stars from the silent movie days onward.

40s Lovin'

Via AllDressedInArgyle
I'm currently in the midst of designing 2 shows set in the 1940s so you'll have to excuse my current preoccupation with wartime glam. But really, fashion doesn't get much better! Really beautiful attention to detail in this photo. Vintage Chanel pencil skirt, seamed hosiery, white gloves, delicate little hat box, and platforms heels. What's not to love? And for those of you who love the seamed hose look, these are surprisingly easy to find at places like Kohls.

Studded McQueen Boots

Via FashionIsMyReligion

Leopard Glam

Via FashionIsMyReligion
What a stunning dress. So dramatic, so voluminous. A night at the opera for sure. Even the bodice straps have a beautiful padded volume to them. The graded print and texture of the background make this dress a downright gorgeous piece of artwork. Christian Dior Spring 2008.

18 October 2011

The Tiniest Fashion Plate

Via FashionIsMyReligion
This leaves me feeling 95% sure that every little girl ever should have a coat like this. And, you know, a Chanel bag.

A Fond Farewell to Warm Weather Fashion

This pretty much sums up what has been my go-to look for the entire summer and now that the cool weather is rolling in and my toes are getting cold, I'm at a loss! Time to upgrade the shoe closet? Probably. Or make that move to the West Coast. What looks are you guys having trouble parting with as the Fall forces you out of your peep toes and away from the bare skin?

One of my solutions has been these:
The Inspector boot by Naughty Monkey. Great with some aged skinny jeans, wraps, sweaters and cardigans.

Bus Stop Beauty

Via Pinterest

17 October 2011

Brass Buns

Via Cocamia
This hair detail is so innovative and brilliant. This went down the runway at YSL for S/S 2012. Hair cuffs! These actually go on much easier than they would, at first glance, appear to. They simply affix to the hair via giant pin that you run through the bun. How did no one think of these sooner?!