29 August 2012

Lace Pants: A Query

Dear Trina Turk,
Love the lacey see-thru pants. Very cute, very sexy, very honeymoon-y...but I feel pretty confident in saying that pockets are doing nothing for this design. Seriously? Pocket lining?

Feathers in the Daytime

Via AtlanticPacific
I don't hate this look. Pulling off feathers with a safari jacket in the middle of the day is no easy feat, but this is sorta working for me. And I do love a feather skirt!
Skirt by Kate Spade
Jacket by GAP
Shirt by Saint James

Cali Dreamin'

Via AllDressedInArgyle

27 August 2012

Under the Sea

Come on, you know an octopus chandelier or sconces would be the perfect accent piece for your next room redo! How could they not be?! But seriously, they are pretty damn cool in the right space.
Via Pinterest
These are available at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC (jonathanlevinegallery.com) and designed by Adam Wallacavage as part of the Shiny Monsters exhibit. Inspiration sprang up from the Victorian oddities and gothic decor of the 1800s. Half of these look like they slithered out of a Disney nightmare.

Get Your Vuitton in Neon

The gorgeous new men's travel bag from Louis Vuitton that went down the runway as part of the S/S 2013 collection. Many of the bags feature the standard LV color palette and patterns with neon piping or trim but this bag, while still featuring the Damier check pattern, jumped into the neon pool with both feet!

23 August 2012

Stacks on Stacks

Via Pinterest
A beautiful combo of gold and white paired with ...gold and white! And beautiful against a tan arm as well. White always pops on golden skin. That's one of the reasons why it's such a great choice in the summer.

Being Abe Lincoln

The studio has just released the movie poster for Lincoln and it is stunning. Daniel Day-Lewis couldn't look more like Lincoln if he had to. Props to costume designer Joanna Johnston and Makeup Artist Anita Brabec and her team of (I kid you not) 43 artists for what is sure to be a visually stunning movie. I smell Oscars! Seriously, they love period dramas. Mark my words.

22 August 2012

20 August 2012

Interior Garden

Via ClassyInTheCity
I love this interior/exterior space so much. The color scheme is superb - adore the black, white and green.

Monogram Your iphone

So damn cute. I haven't made this purchase yet, but I am certainly planning on it. Etsy seller LuluandBMonograms makes custom monogram decals for your iphone/ipad "On" buttons. And you can even get them glittery! It's a win ladies. Best part: $2.50 for a set of 4.

17 August 2012

Scissor Bracelet

Via Pinterest
Wildly in love with this sparkly scissor bracelet! Wildly in love with the whole look, frankly! But the scissors are available for a mere $15 at ForEveryBella.  You're welcome!

Anatomy of the Rugby Shirt

Via AnyoneForPimms?

16 August 2012

Conspicuous Consumption

Via RichKidsOfInstagram
Seriously? $14,000 on caviar?! How the 1% lives (Remember when it used to be the other half? The other 50%? Sigh for shitty economies) Who the hell spends a hundred thousand dollars in one sitting?

Why We Love Al Roker

So Al Roker threw out this little thinnly-veiled slap in the face on Today. God love him. Suck it Matt Lauer. Ann, Al's got your back! Priceless. We just hope he still has a job next week!

15 August 2012

Sparkly Earrings

Check out these beauties from Luxeyard.com. I love the sparkly black earrings, but the purple ain't bad at all! And the best part: only $36! Hampton East Star Earrings.

Birkin Love

Via HarpersBazaar
Feast your eyes on Hermes' newest creation; a multi-color striped piece of art. It's definitely a departure from the bright day glo single colors we're used to, but it's nice for fall. You know, if you have a spare $10-grand laying around.

13 August 2012

Glass Houses

Via ChiVaPiano
Perfection. Who wouldn't want a view like that?!

The Lights In Italy

Terra di Lavoro, Italy
Via ChiVaPiano

Kim at the Beach

Kim Kardashian posted this pic...
And life got a little more depressing for the rest of us mortals.

Ha! But seriously girl, damn! That is not even fair.

09 August 2012

The Hunt Scene

Via AnyoneForPimms?
Classic tweedy 3 piece suit. How very British. I am in love with this color palette. Perfect for fall.

London 2012

Via AnyoneForPimms?
Will and Kate cheer on the home team at the Olympics...so cute!

08 August 2012

Mirror Mirror

Via ClassyInTheCity
Miranda Kerr for Harper's Bazaar November 2011 issue in Megan Gale bikini top and Mary Katrantzou skirt and peplum.

Sandy Summer

Via ChiVaPiano

06 August 2012

Columbus Pillow Co.

On a personal note, I wanted to take a quick moment to share with you a company I've been working on for while now. I am so excited to launch my new project: Columbus Pillow Co.
We're going to be featuring high end pillows, hand-made from the finest quality fabrics. I've been rather frustrated in the run of the mill pillow designs that are typically available and wanted to offer something that was a little more dynamic in design, of superior quality and crafted from  unique fabrics. Check out some of the products below!

05 August 2012

Ouija Board Shoes

Via Pinterest
What?! Ouija board shoes! Love these platform pumps. Not crazy over the sequins but still...very fun. These are sold but you can find others by visiting this Etsy store here.

01 August 2012


Is there anything more joyful? Swear to god guys, I would take a balloon bouquet over flowers any day.
Via Pinterest

Patterned Menswear

Via AllDressedInArgyle
Such a fresh, summery, fun look. Men, you can never go wrong injecting a little visual interest into your looks with some mix and match patterns. Fear not!