19 May 2015

Eva Longoria at Cannes

Gorg! Such a fresh, edgy look for her.

04 May 2015

Met Gala 2015

With the theme for this year's Met Gala CHINA: Through the Looking Glass, one expects all sorts of abominable cultural missteps. And that's half the fun isn't it? Forcing celebs to really go out on a sartorial limb to separate the wheat from the chaff? There were oodles of terrible, racially insensitive ideas, to be sure, while others just skipped over the theme altogether. This year there was an interesting trend: cut-outs with exceedingly detailed beading, feathering and the works twisting and wrapping around the body. Jennifer Lopez, Joan Smalls and Kim Kardashian all put their curves on display in Versace,Cavalli and Cavalli respectively.

Evidently CHINA also invokes a sculptured red dress category. Stand-outs include Amal in Margiela, Karolina Kurkova in Hilfiger(?!) 

But my award for best interpretation on a theme while still appearing respectful, youthful and terrible en vogue goes to model Courtney Eaton in Dolce and Gabbana. 

20 April 2015

Lilly for Target: post mortem

Holy hell, y'all. What a shit storm that turned into! I feel bad for all those who missed out at the hands of the greedy eBay cohort. Silly me, I just grabbed the items I wanted instead of hording everything I could get my hands on. I ain't made of money! I'm still very torn about Target needing to keep things fair versus free market enterprise... You have to wonder if everything on ebay will actually sell. The dresses, probably, even though you'd be better off buying actually Lilly Pulitzer for that $$$. But $1,00 for a hammock and umbrella?!
At any rate, my sister and I each had the other's "must haves" list and hit the website at 3AM only to be met with disaster. I couldn't get a damn thing through for about 2 hours. She had much better luck than I did and scored her dress and my shorts early. Later I was able to get a pants order through. So we made plans to hit the stores early. I really wanted the green dress! We live 45 minutes apart so I hit the big city store, she the little country store. Combined, we got all but 1 thing on the lists! Teamwork! It was the only way to go! Here's my haul:
Love, love love the green Boom Boom pattern but was't planning on both dress and pants. But at 5 AM when the dress was looking like a pipe dream, I grabbed the pants as a consolation. Once they arrive I'll have to see how I feel about them. And hope to God they actually ship out!
So if you missed out, keep checking back. Lots of people ordered multiple sizes just to be safe and after the fervor dies down they may wind up returned to the stores. Maybe.

13 April 2015

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Guys, this is serious. We have less than a week before the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line hits the shelves! And I still haven't narrowed down my purchases! But I am truly in love with the Boom Boom pattern...and the giraffeey! Lilly has been a Palm Beach staple for decades and yeah, it certainly has its cache of snobby rich girls (no sugar-coating here), and yeah, Lilly for the masses is kind of contra-indicated for the upscale brand, in this economic climate, wider name recognition and fan base expansion never hurt anyone. Regardless, it's impossible to look at the pieces and not feel a little happier. Where there's Lilly, there's summer. Even if you don't spend it on Nantucket.

Etched Glass

Wanted to give a shout out to this Etsy seller: GlassGirlJen.

She made some super lovely glasses for me that I gave as a wedding gift a few months ago and they were gorgeous! (pictured below). They're hand-etched -a dying art- and are just absolutely perfect. I opted for the stemless wine glasses, but the options are endless. (I really love the square tumblers.) Everything was very carefully packed and came in well ahead of schedule. Check her out and deck out your home bar. Or give them away as gifts, if you can bear it! When is a monogram not the right choice?!

20 March 2015

T-Shirt Rings for Hair?!

So says Celine.
Via Pinterest
You had 'em on your tees in the 80s. Why not a shiny glam gold version for your hair in the teens?

07 March 2015

Expanding Across Platforms

Obviously I haven't been posting as much here lately and I wanted to let you all know what was up. I've been playing with formats and this blog lends itself more to articles and in-depth explorations. Yet, I've been posting a lot of just pictures. So, the pics only posts from here on out will be on the tumblr: http://smartaesthetic.tumblr.com/
It just seems to be a better format for images that don't require much commentary. Come check out the new digs for image inspiration. This page will continue to feature wordier content and articles.

22 February 2015

Oscar Love

Scarlett Johansson in Versace

Lupita Nyong'o in Calvin Klein. That beading!
Jennifer Lopez in Elie Saab. Better and better!
Margot Robbie in Yves Saint Laurent. Kinda starting to love her!
Emma Stone in Elie Saab. Perennial favorite. 

12 February 2015

Blanket Scarves: Adore

Zara makes the uber trendy version but everyone, right down to Target is selling a version. Grab one now and fend off the last of the winter chills. Spring is coming. 

25 January 2015

Sugar Scrubs: A Winter Treat

Look,winter is hell in so many ways, but none more so than on your skin. And when it's dreary and dull outside and you skin is looking the same, sugar scrubs to the rescue! A work friend gifted me this for Christmas and it is delicious!

The pinteresting world is full of recipes in all manner of flavors. This'n includes cane sugar (duh), but seriously, refined sugar isn't gonna cut it. The point is to do some exfoliating so those big granules are key. Epsom salts, grape seed oil, almond oil, rosemary and dried mint. All those nice oils leave your skin buttery soft, supple and hydrated. And the smell is heaven. It's really great for exfoliating lips too!

11 January 2015

Amy Adams @ the Golden Globes

Versace. Beautiful! As was her speech! I gotta say, there were a lot of red heads in that room and they all looked smashing!

Viola Davis @ the Golden Globes

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate Ms Viola Davis. In Donna Karan. She is absolutely glowing. Her makeup artist deserves all the love! In fact, all the celebs at the ceremony tonight have a gorgeous glow. The perks of L.A. in January!
Via PerezHilton

05 January 2015

Modern Equestrian Decor

I really really love equestrian decor with a fresh modern feel. None of that stuffy old fox hunting stuff!

04 January 2015

New Year, New You

Gearing up for the work-out season? Try this gorgeous outfit. Gotta match those neons, then finish with neutrals. No reason to be a wreck at the gym!
Via Pinterest
And while we're on the subject I'm again going to push this Brazilian Butt Workout. It is so bad-ass. Pun heavily intended. Give Kim K a run for her money.

Matt Berson Tundra boots

I've been searching madly for a pair of chic black flat boots that wouldn't kill my feet while working all day but that are still super cool. And warm. If last season's polar vortex taught me anything, it was that my Uggs were a valuable investment that have held out for 10 years. And that they are the ONLY warm pair of shoes I own, What they are not, however, is sleek. I feel like a co-ed wearing them all the time.
What I landed on was Matt Berson's Tundra boots. Leather, shearling, chunky and slouchy but not too much so. If they're good enough for Olivia Palermo, (a girl who's got more money than she knows what to do with and still keeps coming back to these) they're good enough for me.

Happy New Year!

Sorry my loves! Been basking in the glow of a lovely vacay! Happy 2015 to you all!
Via LadyInPearls