30 April 2012


In honor of the weather finally breaking and the sun finally shining I thought it would be a great opportunity to share with you all my tried and true mojito recipe. A Cuban classic, it's the perfect summer drink. I love mojitos! They're the best possible combo of lime, mint, sugar and booze. You  can't possibly go wrong and Hemingway agrees.
I'm a purist so don't even think about using some sort of mix. Only the freshest ingredients will do. If you're looking for a rum recommendation, I personally go for Mt Gay Eclipse Silver. It's from Barbados and it's delicious. (I dated a man from Barbados who wouldn't drink anything else and credit where credit is due, the man knew his rum).

Here's my recipe:
8-12 Mint Leaves
1/2 Lime
1 Tb Sugar (you can go for a simple syrup but sometimes I love plain old sugar)
2 oz Rum
Club Soda

Careful not to mangle the mint leaves because you want to merely release the flavor through muddling, not hack it into shards that then float through your drink.

Tiara Time

Via ChampagneTruffles
How cute is this little tiara outline headpiece?! Perfect with messy hair and smokey eyes.

Blonde Braids

Via ClassyInTheCity
I am really digging this look for spring and summer. Who says braids have to be childlike and girly? This is downright glam. I'm planning several hairstyles like this for a show I am designing this spring and love the look for the real world too!

27 April 2012

Paralyzing Cuteness

Via Ma-rrochino

Nike Air Yeezy Glow in the Dark

A dancer friend of mine recently brought these to my attention and I am a little in love.
Unbeknownst to me, these have been out a few years now and represent a colab between Nike and Kanye West. Nike.com will tell you all about 'em but unfortunately you'll have to buy them at discount and overstock sites if you're as late to the party as me.

Parisian Sight-Seeing

Via SaladEyes
How very Dior of you. See kids, in 1947 Christian Dior, a French designer, pioneered what he called the "New Look", the hallmarks of which were a full bust, pinched waist and very full calf length skirt. This was a marked contrast to the boyish flappers of the 20s and and slim silhouettes of the 30s and 40s. The style has since become iconic and represents the standard "retro" look.  Dior single-handedly invented the silhouette of the 50s.

25 April 2012

Colors of the Season

Orange and white and gray and cream! Everywhere from the flower cart to the Kardashians. Get on this!
Via ChampagneTruffles
Via KhloeKardashian

Pointy Pink Toes

I can't say I'm completely in love with this look, but it certainly is making some waves. So I submit for your consideration:

Via IAmBeyonce
Via ClassyInTheCity

23 April 2012


Via BourbonAndPearls

Child Mug Shots

How cute! If I had a child, I would have these done. Very French Gangsters. Eyewear for Kids

Via HonestlyWTF

Beige Beauty

Via ChiVaPiano
Monochrome at its finest! Sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, but this is monochrome done right. It completely works with her tan skin and blonde hair. The trick is keeping everything in the same color family but not using the exact same color twice. Notice a little pop of color in the footwear.

21 April 2012

Product Review: White Fringe Bag

I am in love with this bag! It's the Poppie Jones Pauline Fringe Tote from DSW. I posted last summer about how hot white fringe was (click here). Boho perfection combined with a sleek, fashion forward look. It's on trend, it's affordable ($70), it looks so good in motion, it has handles and a shoulder strap so you decide how you use it. It's big enough to hold all your stuff but not so unwieldy that it adds 10 lbs to your silhouette (and between you and me, I'm happy to downsize just a tiny bit from the huge totes of previous seasons). My only criticism (and it's a tiny one) is that the black polyester lining feels rather stiff and cheap. But all in all, a great bag that you will love for summer! Get it here!

Tote bag

Candy-Coated Hipster

Via Pinterest
Loving the pink and blue pastel palette. Part little girl, part 50s pin-up and part hipster. Note how the cool colors in the blue of the dress and the blue-y shade of pink are the perfect compliment to the model's skin tone.

Give Me Down To There Hair

Via Pinterest
Stunning, gorgeous hair that I wish I could call my own! Big and beautiful.

19 April 2012

18 April 2012

Dreaming in Blue

Via BourbonandPearls
Check out this striking mahogany and blue toile bed complete with brass tacks! Why stick with toile on your sheets when you can load your entire bed up? 

(Maid) Marian The Librarian

Geek Chic. Key ingredient to pulling it off: legs that won't quit.
Via NantucketYouth

17 April 2012

Hamptons Chic

Via KhloeKardashian
The Kardashians, looking Hamptons chic, in the promo image for season 7 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Very All-American, clean, summery and picnic-y.

Color Me Beautiful

Via ChiVaPiano
Such a gorgeous color combo for summer! Super comfy and beautiful with a tan. You all know mint is the color of the season and some sexy shorts are never wrong.

12 April 2012

Beyonce's Tumblr

Here are some gems from Beyonce's new Tumblr page. It's full of candid shots of her and Jay, frolicking on the beach, chillin on the yacht, looking like the superstars they are and yet strangely, also just like the rest of us.

Via IAmBeyonce

09 April 2012

Sexy Rompers

Via ILoveThisNightmare
Consider this your sexy summer lingerie must-have. Rompers are just the right mix of sexy and cute.

Emerald Interiors

Via BourbonandPearls
For a fresh summer decorating scheme, consider emerald green! Keep the rest of the room in neutrals and let the color pop. So gorg!

Three Ring Circus

Via NantucketYouth
And what child shouldn't be pulled around outside the mansion in his model Aston Martin by his pet elephant?

04 April 2012

Little Black Feather Headdress

Via Mashanastic
I adore Indian headdresses. I mean, you can't get much more theatrical than that. Photo of Clemence Poesy by Karl Lagerfeld, in Chanel.

03 April 2012

Silver Wayfarers

Via NantucketYouth
Wayfarers aren't usually my favorites, but I am in love with these metallic-trimmed sunnies! The Ray-Ban Clubmaster - get 'em here.

Hilfiger Ad

Via NantucketYouth
At first glance I thought Wes Anderson still, but no. It's just a Tommy H. ad. Drink it in.

Red Hot

Via ChiVaPiano
Ah, to be able to lounge around all day like an underwear model...Living the life. Gorgeous!

02 April 2012

Chanel Summer 2012 Tote

Via ClassyInTheCity
Chanel's Summer 2012 tote bag. Cotton canvas with leather trim. It's nice to see a company known for it's  ultra lady-like, refined, quilted bags to embrace something more rugged and simple but still very elegant. Very "reusable grocery bag" chic.

Special Delivery

Via ClassyInTheCity
Would you die for a bouquet delivered like that?! He knows what's good.

Glittery Tabletops

Via AllDressedInArgyle
I mean, the dress is nice and all, but can we talk about that tablecloth? Glittery, sparkly, and so unexpected.