31 July 2012

Katy Perry Sparkles

I didn't even recognize her! Katy Perry Looked stunning last night at the Brazil premiere of her movie dressed in D&G. Home run girl!

30 July 2012

Enamel Bangles and Monograms

Via Pinterest
How beautiful and mod and fun are these? Love! You can get the whole gosh darn set, monogrammed and all, for $85 at shopmemento.com.

Seeing Spots

Via AcaulcoAGoGo
Magdalena Frackowiak in Vogue Paris 2009. Spots on spots!

Get Civilized

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26 July 2012

Fall Casual

Via AtlanticPacific
Perfection! Look, I don't want to talk about fall, you don't want to talk about fall. We all want to enjoy the dog days of summer. But eventually the time will roll around when you need a sweatshirt and jeans again. And I humbly submit this for your consideration. We all love our big sweatshirts but look how much more elegant it is if you simply opt for a more fitted cut. If you don't have tattered boyfriend jeans...why not?! They ought to be in your closet! And a sassy shirt and a sassier heels. The shirt is by Zoe Karssen and you can visit the website above for the rest of the designers!

24 July 2012

Colorful Eye Shadow

Via AcapulcoAGoGo
Such wonderful pink and purple eye shadow. In love with the pop of hot pink right in the center of the lash line.

Goldfish Dress

Via AcapulcoAGoGo
Gorgeous photo by Christophe Gilbert.

23 July 2012

Margaritas Y'all!

I have got a margarita mix for you! I just picked up a bottle of Williams-Sonoma Margarita Mixer in Pomegranate-Cherry and it is delicious! Not too sweet or artificial, let's the tequila flavor come through nicely, yet adds just a little flavor to your average margarita. And a salted rim really compliments it as well (pink Himalayan salt looks perfect!). Delicious! And they also have key lime and mango passion fruit. Try 'em here. Not too bad at $15.

St Tropez

Via HonestlyWTF
Pampelonne Beach, St. Tropez, France. How very geometrical of them! But seriously, the orange and the blue? Gorgeous! We should all be so lucky.

20 July 2012

19 July 2012

The Classics

There is something to be said for a simple, black and white, tailored suit, shirt and tie. You cannot go wrong, gentlemen.
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I love badges! Very boyscout-y. I say put them on everything!
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18 July 2012

Compare Not

Via Pinterest

Fashion Pet Peeve of the Day: Summer Scarves

For the love of all that is holy, it is literally 100 degrees out, you don't need a scarf! Believe me, I can make many exceptions and or allowances in the name of fashion, but this is one with which I just can't cope. New rule: no scarves (I don't care how light and fluffy and breezy - cuz you bake under that shit regardless) unless it dips into the 70s.

Y-Mail YSL Wallet

I. Love. This wallet! Black patent leather Y-Mail from YSL. Available now for $445 at ysl.com.

12 July 2012

Hair Jewelry

Via BlondeRebellion
This hair jewelry has been creeping around and gaining popularity for a while now and it's starting to grow on me. This boho style looks best on messy, undone hair. Very pretty and girlie and bad-ass.

Flower Power

Via AcapulcoAGoGo
Ah 60s fashion...it's nothing if not interesting! And that turban is nothing if not impressive!

Painting the Roses Red

I know it's not the type of thing I usually post, but this photo has me positively transfixed. The black and white, the mirrors and that stunning arrangement of white roses? So beautiful.
Via ClassyInTheCity

11 July 2012