30 January 2013

It's My Birthday!

I wish I could share some cake and champagne with you all! But you'll have to settle for pictures *sigh*

29 January 2013

Cozy in Paris

Via RefinedStyle
Nothing like being cozy and stylish. Paris is waiting...

28 January 2013

Bottle of...Soap?

I love this! Put a pump on your favorite bottle of booze, viola, soap dispenser.
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25 January 2013

Patterned Glam

Via Pinterest
Vibrant, brilliant style!

24 January 2013


Via RefinedStyle
This dress is like a watercolor come to life, all ombre-y and flowy. Beautiful!

23 January 2013

Menswear Workhouse

Via ClassyInTheCity
Patterns and rolling rack everywhere. Not unlike my apt currently!

Pretty Poppies

Via ClassyInTheCity
I'm sure this would be equally wonderful dressed down, but I really really loved it dressed up.

22 January 2013

Inaugural Fashion

While I don't agree with making this day all about who wore what (there are more pressing issues at hand in the U.S. Capitol - seriously) it is rare to have such a fashion forward first family and so I say credit were credit is due. Sadly, no one seems to care who the President is actually wearing.

I love this color palette. They all look magnificent. Michelle in a coat by Thom Browne, the girls in J. Crew.

 The First Lady is a ruby red Jason Wu gown and the Prez in a white tie tuxedo.

21 January 2013

Celebrating Civil Rights

On this, both Inauguration Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it seems fitting to pause and reflect on the long and difficult Civil Rights journey this country has been on. And a fitting day "to rededicate this country to big ideas" as Diane Sawyer so aptly put it.

15 January 2013

14 January 2013

Miranda Kerr Steals the Show

Via DailyMail
The lady wasn't nominated for a thing but damn! And that's why she's an Angel. Dress by Zuhair Murad (I'm becoming a big fan).

Jennifer Lawrence looked pretty awesome too in her Dior couture
Via SocialiteLife

08 January 2013

Leather Sweatpants

So, these black leather sweatpants are making the rounds. I don't think I hate them...do I? Thoughts?
Kim's are Celine, Beyonce's are En Noir, Rihanna's are unknown.


For the horsey set...

07 January 2013

Black and White, Leather and Fur

Seriously, seriously obsessed with black leather and white fur this winter. Outfits, rooms, you name it. It's a winning combination.
Via ClassyInTheCity

02 January 2013

Palm Trees

Looking for a fun decorating twist? Try palm trees. Seriously. They're a great way to class up any space and who doesn't need a little tropical inspiration in the icy grip of January. This was my Christmas present, by the way. The thing must be 7' tall.
But palms have been a staple of interior design for quite a long time. Victorians incorporated palms into nearly every grand space their homes had to offer (paging Downton Abbey). They look wonderful with either modern or more historical decor and give your home a little spice. Plus, everyone needs a little greenery in their lives.
Via MeganCarter
Via OregonLive

01 January 2013

Must Have Fashion for the New Year

They've been floating around on the perimeter, but you will want to get your hands on these in 2013.

1. Metal Belts
I've loved these for a few years now but damn they are not readily available. Get your hands on one when you have the opportunity. It functions like jewelry... for your middle!

2. Intricate Detailing
Put it on your jacket, your shoulder, your pants, wherever. Just look for detailing that subtly draws the eye and hints at the well-made.

3. Leather Leggings
Embrace them. Just do it. They actually function beautifully as a neutral pant with a little bit of texture and visual interest. They don't have to be rock'n'roll if you don't want them to be. And the faux leather spandex are crazy comfortable.

4. Neon
It doesn't have to be a horrible 80s flashback. You can update it so that it's beautiful and striking and chic. Safest in summer, but doable in winter. Pair it with leather on a clutch or lace on a shirt.

5. Fur
The most glam of accessories. You don't have to go real fur, should moral objections hinder you (but that said you can find some great vintage furs at thrift stores for next to nothing). Shrugs, vests, a whole damn coat - whatever keeps you warm at night.

Happy New Year!

Get gone 2012. 2013 has given you the boot. And while I can't say it was the best of years, I'm hopeful lucky '13 will bring peace, love and frankly, prosperity.