30 March 2012

School Uniforms

Via NantucketYouth
If I could be assured my child would be this disarmingly charming I might be persuaded into someday having one! How incredibly chic can these two get!?

Ahhh, Lilac!

Here's another shameless product recommendation (which I was not bribed into doing, by the by):
Lilac Blossom Candles
This smells like heaven! A giant 3-wick candle will run you $19.50 and a small one $9.50. These are brought to you via the White Barn Candle Co by way of Bath and Body Works. (A Limited brand with brick and mortars in only a handful of states, White Barn sells its products online through the Bath and Body Works hub). This just smells like Spring! And Spring makes everybody happy. This is your go-to gift for the next few months.

Vespa Fashion

Via ChiVaPiano
Blue Vespa, matching heels and a retro party dress. Weekend fun right on track.

28 March 2012

Ties, Ties

Via BourbonandPearls
It's not a look for everyone, but I do love a tie on a woman. If you're gonna brave it, shoot for this look: crisp, tailored menswear in light, bright colors.

Anchors Away

Via NantucketYouth
How cute is this button?! Cleverly engineered to thread up in a little anchor pattern!

26 March 2012

European Riverwalk

Via ClassyInTheCity
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Nothing in this world beats strolling along the river in a European city on a hot summer night with the person you can't keep your hands off. The Vltava in nice.

Louvre Cafe

Via ClassyInTheCity
Dining at dusk in a cafe at the Louvre, Paris, France. Perfection.

Sequin Clutches

Via ClassyInTheCity
Everyone should have a sequined clutch at their disposal for a hot evening out. This color combo is a totally fab and ultra modern twist over the plain silver or gold.

22 March 2012

Fancy Lemonade

Via ChampagneTruffles

Coral Heels

Via AtlanticPacific
Gorgeous coral-colored suede heels with the most charming tie detail in the back. Roll on, summer.
 By Carven.

Spring Kate Spade

Via ClassyInTheCity
Kate Spade's army of spring fashion models. Stepford zombie? At least they look chic.

21 March 2012

Panama Hat

Ladies, your must-have accessory this spring/summer: the panama hat. It's stylish, low key, sexy, and with a rich history of world travel. Pair with aviators and enjoy your summer!

Via ClassyInTheCity

20 March 2012


Via ClassyInTheCity
Check out the ceiling on this car! Starlight, star bright. Perfect for a date night.

Plum Perfect

Via NantucketYouth
Mermaid gowns are all the rage and with good reason. And Leighton Meester looks divine in this plum colored creation. Beautiful with her hair and makeup.

19 March 2012

Frayed Edges

Via Pinterest
I know the pre-worn clothing look is a little played out and, to my mind, disingenuous, but this is so simple and sexy I say fray those tees all you want!

The Master

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Via PreppieBettie
I'm not generally the biggest fan of pastels, but this is a totally edgy look that really glams them up!

14 March 2012

Motorcycle Jacket

Via BourbonAndPearls
I am wildly in love with the very feminine styling of this typically very masculine moto jacket.

Russian Designer Ulyana Sergeenko

Via HonestlyWTF
I've featured collections from this designer in the past and she's done it again. Spring 2012 from Ulyana Sergeenko. There's something very interesting about a Russian designer taking on 1950s American-inspired fashion. Just gorgeous. Click the link for loads more pics!

Italian Beauty

Via ChiVaPiano

13 March 2012

Stunning Back Detail

Via WellAndDapper

Sexism at its Finest

Via Pinterest
...Yikes! Despite this being decades old, kinda makes me want to avoid Van Heusen.

Green Fashion

Via BourbonandPearls
I love green but it seems like a lot of people can't quite figure out how to do it successfully. Here's a great outfit for St. Patrick's Day that'll have you in the spirit without looking like a 4 yr old.

The World In Your Hands

Via ClassyInTheCity
So Clever! This mug is from  Anatoliy Omelchenko for Triangle Tree.

Via WeWasteTime

Muscle Up

If this doesn't make you want to get out there and move it, nothing will. Cross section of the thigh.
Via WeWasteTine

08 March 2012

Classic Fashion

Kate Middleton, dressed in L.K. Bennet, looking every inch a Hitchcock heroine in classic, buttoned up suit. Below, Eva Marie Saint in North By Northwest. Ahh, timeless fashion.

Tiffany's Tots

Via NantucketYouth