31 May 2012

The Mindy Project

Cannot wait for this! Let's face it, Mindy's talents were being wasted on The Office. Not that she wasn't great, but she's capable of oh so much more.

And on a related note, this tweet seems fairly accurate:

30 May 2012

Pattern on Pattern Decor

It's a bit of a bold design choice - one that may or may not work for your decor - but I am a big fan of matching pillows and chairs. Give it a whirl!
Via Pinterest

White Woven Sperrys

I am so in love with these boat shoes! Sperry makes something for everyone these days so don't feel like you're trapped with the boring originals. Sequins, color blocked, leopard, you name it. Perfect for a long hot summer. 
Via Sperry

Stunning Serena

Serena Williams may have been ousted in Round 1 of the French Open earlier this week, but that didn't stop her from looking amazing nonetheless. No one should look that good that sweaty. Gorgeous! Gear by Nike so luckily you can make it your very own!
Via SportsIllustrated

Via Glitterazi


25 May 2012

J'Adore Charlize

1. I am obsessed with this crown! Snow White and the Huntsman costume designer Colleen Atwood deserves awards just for that (she has plenty).

2. Between these Snow White commercials and her Dior perfume ads running concurrently, I'm convinced this woman has the most perfect skin on the planet.

24 May 2012

Retro Running Shorts

Via AmericanApparel
I have been searching high and low for a pair of retro green shorts with white trim and I finally tracked some down. And what's more, these are great shorts! They are the Interlock Running Short from American Apparel. Very nice, heavy, quality knit fabric that fits just right. I know they look super scandalous in the pics (what AA ad doesn't these days?) but if you actually buy an appropriate size, they're just fine and not the booty shorts they appear to be! Really comfy with plenty of inseam but cut higher on the outer thigh for sexiness and the illusion of longer legs. I highly recommend! Check 'em out here! They come in every color combo under the sun - a major plus.

Polished Ponies

Via BlondeRebellion

23 May 2012

The Great Gatsby

The trailer for Baz Luhrmann's rendition of The Great Gatsby was released today. I love Baz Luhrmann and I love The Great Gatsby. I don't know if I love the intersection of the two. There's just something about Fitzgerald over autotuning... For your perusal:

Gold Pumps

Via ChampagneTruffles
Fun shimmery peep toe gold platform heels to spice up your wardrobe. What could be better for a night out in the summer?! By Fleq. (but don't ask me to translate!)

22 May 2012

Gold Flamingos

Via Pinterest
Much as I love the tried and true kitsch of pink flamingos, blingin' gold flamingos dotting a minimalist backyard is outstanding! A little spray paint is all you need.

Long Line Bras

Ladies, retro is hitting hard this season, in the form of lingerie. Long line bras are everywhere. They're retro, pin-up, push-up sexy (and, while not sexy at all, they take care of that pesky creeping back fat problem too). Try one out if you're looking to glam up that lingerie wardrobe or even your everyday wardrobe, if you dare to wear yours for the world to see.
Left ASOS Gossard bra, center KardashianKollection, Right American Eagle

21 May 2012

18 May 2012

McQueen Heels

Via ILoveThisNightmare

Man Jewelry

Gents, this is how you do it right. Visual interest, nice colors, and quality materials.
Via ChiVaPiano

Pink Bikini

Via ChiVaPiano
Pink and tan and gold - a summer color combo you can't go wrong with! This lovely number is the Jolie bikini by Tori Praver.

14 May 2012

Red Hot Blues

Via ChampagneTruffles
This picture has sparked my hunt for the perfect light blue nail polish for summer. Such a fresh, clear color! Any suggestions or favorites??

Summer Sparkles

Via AtlanticPacific
In love with this shirt! A beautiful, sparkly anchor, courtesy of J Crew.

12 May 2012

White for Night

Via ChiVaPiano
Hot date on a hot summer night? Consider this: a white dress will always stand out amazingly well against the dark of night. Sizzlin'

Rihanna's "Where Have You Been" Video

The lovely Miz Rihanna just posted a couple of behind the scenes pics from her Where Have You Been video and they are super sultry and sexy. Looking good as always!

08 May 2012

Baby Beach Fashion

Via KimKardashian
Kim Kardashian and nephew Mason hit the beach in Mexico. Kim looks drop dead gorgeous as always but we can't get over how cute that Mason is. Stylish fedora, swim trunks and a short sleeved shirt have him looking so retro...perfect!

06 May 2012

Structured Gowns

Via ILoveThisNightmare
Dior F/W 2008. I adore garments that have some structure and volume and a sculptural, 3-dimensional quality. It's a great way to add some interest to your wardrobe - on a smaller scale. Structured peplums and padded shoulders and definitely hot hot hot right now. This gown by Christian Dior is no exception.

Nectar of the Gods

Via BourbonAndPearls
The next two weeks brought to you by: coffee. When bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.

03 May 2012

Leopard is the New Neutral

Via ClassyInTheCity

Decorative Tacks

Via AllDressedInArgyle
Lots of couches have decorative tacks but check this out: stylized swags! So cute.

Nantucket Dreamin'

Via AllDressedInArgyle
I simply adore Nantucket. It's so quaint and classy! Cedar shingles and hydrangeas never go out of style. And a sprawling estate out on Madaket is definitely on my bucket list.

01 May 2012

Nautical Flair

Macy's has been splashing this Mother's Day ad all over the place and I'm in love with it. And the makeup is just as great as the fashion. Can't go wrong these days with winged eyeliner.