28 June 2013

Crown Jewels

Blue Ivy Carter rocking what I'm afraid is probably not costume jewelry. Girl probably has a collection to rival the European royals! Get it!
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Lazy River

Lazy river in the backyard
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26 June 2013

Big Chunky Fishtails

There's something extra fun and flashy about Khloe Kardashian's super big and bold fishtail braid
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21 June 2013

20 June 2013

EXOVault Cases

How amazing are these iphone cases by EXOVault? I've been searching for wood and chrome cases lately and stumbled upon these. They're great if you want to pay more for the case than you did the phone. You know, just to throw money around. Each'll set you back about $200. Find then here.

19 June 2013

She-Ra Bra?

Not exactly, but close! - Bustier by Jeremy Scott.
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Bow Tie Styles

They are all the rage now aren't they? Well, if you must, think about these things:
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18 June 2013

Seeing Stars

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Stunning gown by Jason Wu - Spring 2013. Like a sky full of twinkly stars.

14 June 2013

Mini Skirts, Button Shirts

Really love the masculine/ feminine styling of a full mini skirt and a tailored button up shirt. Belt it, heel it and you're golden!

A Pond for a Pool

Hey, we all love the notion of splashing around in a pond on a hot summer day. But they can be dirty and smelly and gross. So why not disguise your nice clean pool as a rustic pond and have the best of both worlds?! And while we're at it, a trampoline is way more fun than a diving board. Seriously.
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The Herb Lester Collection

They're not exactly guide books, per se, more like high end artistic pamphlets, but they do highlight some of the more insider-y, non-tourist attractions that many of the world's largest destinations have to offer. Restaurants, sights and sounds, and hip places that your run of the mill Fodor's won't tell you about. The must-sees for those who really want to experience what a city is all about. They fold up to fit in your pocket have feature a map on the flip side. Tres chic. Shhhh!

05 June 2013

03 June 2013

Cool & Casual

A baseball tee, ripped up boyfriend jeans and leopard heels. Hint: to effectively pull off the boyfriend jean and not look like a boy, heels and a fitted top are a must!
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02 June 2013

Morning Coffee

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Workout inspiration! Great start to the day: workout, shower, coffee