28 November 2013

Black Couches

Now hear me out. It's a little unorthodox, but I think you'll like it. They don't have to be cold and uninviting. I present as evidence the following:
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and safe travels! Fuel up on your Starbucks early and let those baristas get outta there. And if you're still in need of a little something for your holiday meal, may I humbly suggest this:
Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallows ice cream by Jeni's.The chicest ice cream in town.

27 November 2013

Macaron Time

This counts as holiday baking, right? The mint chocolate is heaven!

26 November 2013

Knotty Fun

Knot up those maxi dresses! Great way to add a fun detail and a sew-free way to hem up one that's too long!
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Scarf Bow

This has the potential to be really cute or make you look like a huge jackass. I can easily see it going either way...
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24 November 2013

Dyed In The Wool

Via IWasteSoMuchTime
Bathgate, Scotland - where the farm owner has been dyeing his sheep with vegetable dye for the last 6 years to delight passers-by.

17 November 2013

Press Pause

Just give me one more week to get the most fabulous dance concert ever up and running and I will return. I promise! Sadly real life designs trump internet designs. In the meantime, here's a fabulous dance-inspired tutu skirt. Please consider incorporating them into your holiday repertoire.
Via ClassyInTheCity