27 February 2013

Like Sleeping On A Cloud

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26 February 2013

For A Good Cause

I don't post much in the way of hardships/charities/giving back but this broke my heart when it popped up on my FB feed. He's a friend of a friend who was fired from his job in the state of KY simply for being gay. This is one of 38 states in this country where it is legal to be fired for sexual preference. As if that weren't bad enough, this kind man runs an animal sanctuary and has more than 300 animals in his care. He is now struggling to pay his bills and care for these sweet animals. The court costs for unsuccessfully fighting this case have drained him financially. I find it deplorable that this is even a struggle he is facing and neither he, nor his animals deserve to suffer because of a sexual preference. Donate if you can and spread the word about this injustice.
Thank you.
Here is a link to the original story: http://www.buzzfeed.com/saeedjones/savethellamas
A fund-raising page has been set up. Donate here: http://www.gofundme.com/LLANannyFarmsKY

20 February 2013

Maggie Simpson's Oscar Dresses

It seems a Simpson's short, The Longest Daycare, starring Maggie, has been nominated for an Oscar and yesterday FOX released drawings of Maggie's dress options. Well played FOX, well played. You can vote on your fave on Facebook.

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15 February 2013

After Matisse Rug

This one goes out to all my lighting designer friends. How about a rug that looks like a scattered pile of gels?! Designed by Sonya Winter and available for $3.200.
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14 February 2013

More Maxis and Motos

Really digging this look lately. See more posts here. Tough and chic and girly. Miley Cyrus in a Maison Martin Margiela maxi dress and Moschino leather jacket.
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Handsome Pups

Looking for something a bit more formal for your jaunts around the neighborhood? Bow tie collars! By SillyBuddy. Available here for around $40.
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Valentine's History

As much as the modern incarnation of Valentine's Day thrills to no end, I'm always a sucker for the historical basis of such celebrations. While you may or may not feel that it's a holiday trumped up by greeting card companies, that's a difficult argument to make when it's been celebrated since Ancient Rome! And the world should be more educated, because if one more ridiculous thing pops up in my news feed about Jesus, of all people, being the reason for this season, well, my eyes can only roll so far.

According to MSN: "Most historians link the lover's holiday to an annual celebration in Rome that occurred every Feb. 15. During the boisterous bonanza, men stripped naked and spanked young maidens with animal-skin whips in an effort to increase fertility. While tame in comparison, modern Valentine's Day festivities are observed today in Mexico, Canada, France, Australia and the U.K., in addition to here in the U.S."

Furthermore: "While history buffs don't unanimously agree on who the original Valentine was, the most popular suspect is a clergyman in ancient Rome. When the emperor outlawed marriage during wartime (because he believed single men made better soldiers), Bishop Valentine performed secret wedding ceremonies. It wasn't until 496 A.D., over 200 years after the bishop's death, that Pope Gelasius I officially declared Feb. 14 as Saint Valentine's Day."

Happy Valentine's Day!

May you have a sparkly, bubbly day, awash in champagne and chocolates...blah blah blah. I don't know about you but I'm already well into a box of chocolates. But it's nice to celebrate love and loveliness in the gloomiest of months.

12 February 2013

No Great Story Ever Started...

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Leather Lace?

Check out these boots from Free People. Leather meets lace in the most charming way. Leather boots with a crocheted upper. Crochet Beau Boot  $198 here.

Rainbow Maxi

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What better way to off-set the toughness of a black moto jacket than a rainbow maxi dress.

06 February 2013

Pile Up

Everything in excess. Rings? Bracelets? One is never enough!

The Bee's Knees

Bees are a perennial design favorite. The ever-so-sumptuously designed Pushing Daisies even did bee themed show. Here are a few cute design options for your self and your home.


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04 February 2013

Halftime Sasha Fierce

Well, Beyonce was on it for that Super Bowl concert! The production values were crazy, the lights were phenomenal, the costumes...can we talk about all that black leather and lace?! Designer Rubin Singer designed her look. Knock-out!
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02 February 2013

Groundhog Day

Can we all just take a minute to enjoy the fact that grown-ass men all take a day to dress up in their Victorian finest to worship a rodent. That is dedication! Those costumes are not cheap...trust me. Wondering why they do this? So was I...
Seems the first Groundhog day was observed in 1886 and was a tradition brought to Pennsylvania by its German immigrants. It began with a group of local businessmen and groundhog hunters - a group known as the Puxsatawney Groundhog club, who today still conduct their meetings in the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect and retain the traditional dress of the time.