31 July 2013

Polynesian Princess

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Brazillian Butt Workout

This is the absolute best, killer workout for your butt. If you can get through it the prescribed 3 times, my hat is off to you!
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Kiss Kiss!

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Super chic, vibrant ruby red notebook with a silver metallic "Kiss Kiss!" inscribed on the front. Lined pages inside. Love it! $15 and J. Crew.

Better Life Bags

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24 July 2013

Summer Must-Have: White Sunglasses

White sunglasses lend a crisp, clean and distinctly summer vibe to your look - be they retro, sleek or the $4 special.

Rosie Looking Stunning

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I'll save you the frustration - the bag is the Rocco by Alexander Wang and comes in several colors/metals. Love the matching booties and bag!

Bow Peep Louboutins

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Appropriately named the Lady Bow by Christian Louboutin. How lady-like!

23 July 2013

I Only Speak The Truth

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Ikea Odds and Ends

Made the 2+ hour road trip to Ikea last week. My first time! Loved it. It's like Disney for designers and if you've never been, it's quite the experience and well worth having at least once. Here's what I couldn't leave without:

The EIVOR Throw. It's a heavy acrylic sweater knit blanket in a dashing black and cream stripe. It looks stunning on the back of my couch. And it's a generous 4' x 5.5' which is nice. 

The DIOD Glasses. Beautiful smooth white blown glass. Sadly, one perished before we even made it home, which brings me to my 2 IKEA gripes.
1) They don't bag, wrap or package anything for you at the checkout. Once it's scanned, it's your problem. It's all very assembly line, cranking people through as quickly as possible. Well and good until nothing makes it home alive.
2) You can't order anything but the huge furniture online. I can't even replace the damn thing without 4 hours of driving. Ugh.
Anyway, 2 sizes: 3" 8oz and 5" 16oz

MÅLTID Serving bowl
Fancy angular bowls to glam up your table. Very Euro-chic. I'm detecting a theme in my kitchen...

And finally, this beast of a shelving unit, the VITTSJÖ. Weighs a ton and barely fit in the car. Thankfully all those glass shelves made it home in one piece! But I was able to put it together by myself with only a Phillips head in under 2 hours. Not bad!

White Blazers

For the summer, I love love love white blazers. Fresh and clean. And the best way to wear them is paired over a black top and pants. This way your body looks nice and slim and svelte beneath a crisp white topper! Lovely!

A Prince is Born

The coverage has been pretty all-encompassing, so let's take a peek at the press shall we.
Can you imagine being this beloved and hyped as the savior of the British Monarchy at only a few hours old?!  But Will and Kate are about as charming as it gets, so congrats! Shall we raise a Crown Royal cocktail in toast?

18 July 2013

Product Review: Revlon ColorStay Nail Polish

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I have been searching forever for the perfect shade of blue nail polish for the summer. I happened to see this at a 1/2 off, going out of business sale and thought it might be nice. What I wasn't expecting was the most impressive nail polish formula ever. The color is great (Coastal Surf...it looks a touch lighter and more aqua here) but this Revlon ColorStay Polish goes on beautifully. One coat is almost enough by itself. It stays super shiny for WEEKS and it literally does not chip for WEEKS either (I only had it on my toes though...). This stuff is amazing! It looks fresh and crisp forever and is so maintenance-free it's ridiculous. Plenty of colors to chose from (30!) and reasonably priced, as opposed to many of the brands coming out lately. Get it here!

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16 July 2013

Katniss Everdeen's Catching Fire Dress Revealed

I've quite enjoyed the design work in The Hunger Games and today we got our first look at some of the design stiils for the upcoming Catching Fire. Namely, Katniss' wedding dress, designed by Tex Saverio. Below is also the poster revealed earlier in the year. Gorgeous!
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High Low Americana

Faded blue sweatshirt, fabulous tulle skirt and a vibrant red clutch makes for a pretty, pulled together, chic casual look.
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Product Review: Malibu Heat Beach Glow Body Lotion

I've recently developed a serious Bath and Body Works addiction out of nowhere. Between the summer and the sales and the smells, I cannot help myself! In my latest haul I stumbled upon the Malibu Heat Beach Glow Body Lotion, highly recommended by the staff, and decided on a whim to purchase it. So glad I did! It's a bronzer, which isn't evident in the name; probably because it doesn't so much turn you brown as give you a nice warm glow and takes you up just a few shades. It looks very natural and goes on smoother than any other bronzer I've ever applied. Seriously! No streaking, no blotches. It has a lovely, creamy, pearlescent texture and smells like Malibu (oranges, pineapples, coconut). That said, it is glittery. Very glittery. But the glitter is very small in size. More of a shimmer really. Gold in color. Not for everyone but I happen to love some shimmer on sexy bare legs for a summer night out. Makes them look very sleek and toned. Super moisturizing. It's a body lotion first and foremost, with a few summery perks thrown in for good measure. Great product! My legs have never looked better and I will definitely be a repeat customer. Buy it here!

08 July 2013