30 June 2012

Let's Get It On

Via Nerve
We're rolling old school tonight, in the form of the immortal Mister Marvin Gaye. That is a gorgeous man and his style still easily holds up today. Kick back, grab a drink and groove to some righteous tunes. Can't go wrong with the master.

26 June 2012

A Toast to the Summer

Via AnyoneForPimms
As far as I am concerned there is no better drink for a hot summer night than a bubbly, refreshing glass of champagne. Add in a few fresh raspberries and you've got yourself a party!

Rainbow Geometric Chairs

Via HonestlyWTF
Have you ever seen anything quite like these?! Old school style with a modern color scheme. Not that they'd work in just any room, but fascinating nonetheless. The Proust Geometrica for Cappellini and designed by Alessandro Mendini.

Lace Head Bands

Such a pretty look. If you have darker hair try white or cream lace. All you need is some lace trim from any fabric store.

25 June 2012

Purple Volcano Ring

Via ClassyInTheCity
Gorgeous big old purple hunk of rock for a ring. I'm a little bit smitten. By Fleq.

Super Sweet Movie Posters

Loove these redesigned movie posters from the folks at shortlist.com. Various artists take on some of the nation's most beloved cinematic artwork. Classy!

22 June 2012

Summer In Paris

Via ChampagneTruffles

Pinterest Pet Peeve of the Day

Let's all stare at our feet!
Pardon this venting:
Honest to God, this is more annoying to me than the kissy duck face thing. Girls, why are you all fucking staring at your damn feet? "Gosh, I'm just so coy and precious and flattered that y'all think I'm beautiful and wanna take my picture. I have to blush and look away so as to seem girly and demure. But I spent 3 hours putting this outfit together just so you would think that. *giggle*"
Eye contact is sooo not sexy...

21 June 2012

Emma and Andrew - Dapper Goth Chic

Very theatrical! Emma Stone wearing Gucci and Andrew Garfield in Balenciaga. Love everything but the makeup.

20 June 2012

Lake Retba

No photo-shopping here folks...that water is pink! It's Lake Retba, aka Lac Rose, in the Cap Vert peninsula of Senegal. The pink is caused by a harmless Dunaliella salina halophile algae. The color is especially vibrant during the dry season. It also has a super-high salt content, 1.5 times higher than the Dead Sea.

18 June 2012

Lindsay As Liz

The costumes are hella intriguing. I just hope, for her sake, she can pull off the acting. (And I do love her with thick black hair)

Via NYDailyNews
Via TimesUnion

Mirrored, Mirrored?

Are mirrored sunglasses ok again? Because I feel like they're straight out of the 80s (in a bad way) but I'm sorta falling in love with them...
Via Pinterest

The Bigger The Better

Via Pinterest

Moody Blues

Via ChiVaPiano
I know, I know - this photo is everything that is wrong with female objectification...but I love that swimsuit! Big and bold and graphic. Retro chic/super hip. Perfect for breakfast with your sugar daddy.

15 June 2012

Diametrically Opposed

Glam In Gold

This pic has been floating around in my files for a while now so I'm tossing it up on the web because I just love this dress so much. Kim K at the Grammy's in 2011 in this Kaufman Franco gold gown. It's not too gold and it's not too shiny and it's not too tight but it's still fresh and gorgeous and cut in a rather unexpected way.

Not So Under Cover

Good luck getting these through airport security! Embossed leather by Guardian Angel.
Via HonestlyWTF

14 June 2012

Neon Summer

You know how I love neon these days...and it's just perfect for the summer time. (I cannot say enough good things about Victoria's Secret Lacie undies. The colors are too fantastic in person. Very hot.) Be sure you take a nod from the nude heels below and keep the rest of your look in check when using fluorescents.
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Ice Cold Coffee

Via BourbonAndPearls
Did you know:
-Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world (number 1 is oil)
-It can help combat skin cancer, especially in women...we're talking a 20% decrease in basal cell carcinoma for those drinking 3 cups or more a day!
-Reduces muscle pain after a workout
-Cuts your risk of diabetes by 20%. Again, 3 cups seems to be the magic number.
-Black coffee is calorie-free. Enjoy!