29 July 2011

Missoni for Target

Get excited people! In just a few short weeks Target will be debuting it's Missoni collection.  The famous zig zag patterns are due to hit stores September 13 and will feature clothing for men, women and children, as well as houseware and dinnerware.  The 400 piece collection will retail from $3 to $600 and average around $40.

Monogram Your Louis Vuitton

Via Louis Vuitton

A few months ago Louis Vuitton began offering exterior personalization of three of their signature pieces: the Speedy, the Keepall (above) and the Pegase.  Just in case your Louis wasn't exclusive enough already.  All are hand painted and offer 17 different color options.  Perfectly preppy in every way.  For smaller leather goods and wallets LV will discreetly customize the interior with your initials (below).  Of course, for the right price, the fine folks as Louis Vuitton will happily custom build, finish and paint just about anything you can dream up.

28 July 2011


Via FashionForward

Perfect. Breezy. Cool

Pucci Lace Dress

Via Net-a-Porter

Talk about a little black dress!  So sexy.  This Emilio Pucci dress is made of wool jersey, draped around the right side of the body and accented with black lace over a nude lining. The perfect cocktail dress.  I will say that I think this dress is crying out for a curvy figure.  The model below is not doing this dress a bit of justice.

White Fringe Bags

Top L: Vieta Lola Fringe. Bottom: Prada Vitello Shine Fringe. Center: Chanel Crocheted Leather. Right: Linea Pelle clutch.

White fringe bags are such a great look for summer.  You get the fun, relaxed, boho chic vibe that fringe has to offer without going full-on hippie train wreck.  It remains very polished and on point. It's a laid back look that keeps you sophisticated.  And as great as these bags look static, their best feature, by far, is all that movement when you're strutting your stuff and workin' that fringe (Don't forget, fluidity and motion are important design elements in constructing a look):

27 July 2011

Best Blush

A quick word about a blush I have been really impressed and happy with lately: Nars.  I'd been resisting the splurge for a while.  Pointless.  Received some for Christmas, have been experimenting for 6 months and just love this!  It's an excellent product that gives such a warm, "from within" glow to the skin that I have not found with other blushes.  Pictured above is LUSTER, which is a great shade for lighter, pinker skin tones.  Below is a fairly heavily applied swatch.  It's a sort of golden peach color.  I know, I know.  Everyone is obsessed with their ORGASM shade.  It's the rock star color that gets all the love.  But give luster a chance - especially in these sunny summer months.

26 July 2011


Via FashionGoneRogue
This is absolutely stunning!


It has taken me a while to get on board with ankle booties. And to be honest, I still can't stand a lot of them.  There's just something about them that smacks of bad 80s fashion.  And stodgy footwear is a no go in my book.  However, this pair? This pair I could get behind.  The slim stiletto heel helps make it downright sexy but the element of this shoe I love the most is the deep plunge in the vamp.  It gives the appearance of the shoe pealing back to reveal the foot. Gorg!  And somehow, it looks even better on a foot.
This particular design is the Miss Fast by Christian Louboutin and modeled by
the always lovely Khloe Kardashian

25 July 2011

Paper Eyelashes?!

OMG - amazing paper eyelashes! These are inspired by a Chinese paper cutting technique and while they certainly aren't gonna work for the office, they are incredibly fun and beautiful and I'm sure you can find some sort of occasion to sport them. That doesn't involve Halloween. Right?
They are available for the US equivalent of 12 pounds at: http://www.nonesuchthings.com/

Fall Christian Louboutins

 Check out these gorgeous heels from the Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter Collection.  Such a fun take on leather color and texture.  Right: Lady Peep 150mm in Light Peach, which are already wait listed.  Below: Sobek 140mm in Clair de Lune. 
Keep an eye out for lots of unique leather treatments this fall and it looks like the platform toe box will live to see another season.

22 July 2011

Matte Nails

I am quickly becoming obsessed with matte nails!  OPI, as well as a number of other companies are offering matte finish polishes in a range of colors.  The black on black french tip is unexpected and a subtle, chic texture to the ubiquitous dark polish look.  And it's a little less goth than the plain black, particularly if you have a lighter skin tone rather than gold or olive tones.

Shown: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte (above) and OPI Got The Blues For Red Matte (right).


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