31 January 2012

Prada Sunglasses

Via ClassyInTheCity
I have been fascinated by these baroque Prada sunnies since they came out this summer but couldn't really envision them being used in any sort of non-ridiculous, functioning way. Now I have seen the light...so to speak. Love!

30 January 2012

Emma Stone at SAG Awards

Via BellaSugar
Continuing my obsession with Emma Stone. How great did this girl look last night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards? Alexander McQueen dress and clutch. So stunning. Cute nod to the time period in which her nominated film was set (which I think is nice and it's something I've been seeing more of in the last few years). Sometimes black is a bit harsh for a pale red head, trust me, I know! But she is adorable as hell in this and I love her dearly.

Birthday Heels

They are by J Lo and they are divine. So nice and cushy and substantial. (And they're from Kohl's people! I have gotten the best shoes from Kohl's lately and I am not ashamed to say it! Here's to you Vera Wang) I hate stilettos without a platform toe box. The ball of your foot is being unnaturally forced to take most of your weight anyway and nothing is comfortable about all your weight standing on a 1/4" of leather with no padding. So I'm singing the praises of these.


It's my birthday! And in honour of the occasion, I'd like one of these installed. On the double!

28 January 2012

Burberry Aviator Boots

Been fairly obsessed with these boots recently: the Burberry Aviator. Form and function.

Rooftop Gardens

Via ClassyInTheCity
I'm all for rooftop gardens and I really love British pubs with plants above the doors and whatnot. But holy hell, this one takes it to to whole other level, or about 9 other levels. Churchill Arms, London.

26 January 2012

Silver Nails, Silver Jewelry

Via ChanningCouture
I am the biggest fan of metallic nails and matching jewelry. Minx makes a fab shiny nail foil, but other more accessible polishes are coming out with metallic polishes as well. Step 2, pile on the jewelry.

Bold Accessories

Via ChanningCouture
These are some big and bold accessories here, but I'm loving it. That clutch with the fur, paired with a big, chucky, studded cuff adds up to some primitive, tough chick chic.

25 January 2012

Baddest Gloves

Via MonicaRose
Oh my god I need these gloves! Leather and fur and elbow length. Bad Ass.

Green and Gold Necklace

Via PearlandShine
This thing is all over the blogosphere but not a designer name for me to share with you in sight. Go figure. But it's marvelous anyway so it's making an appearance here. And if anyone knows who makes this or where it's available, leave a comment!

24 January 2012

Scent From Above

Wanted to take a moment to sing the praises of this wonderful candle. I'm not usually the candle-obsessed type, but this thing smells so damn good it is utterly intoxicating. It's the Capri Blue Volcano candle and is available at Anthropologie stores nationwide. A mix of "tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens" I've yet to meet a soul that doesn't love it, men included.

Ski Lodge Barbie

Vie PreppieBettie
OMG guys, look! It's Ski Lodge Barbie! But seriously, the hot pink accessories area  great way to spice up a dreary winter day. It does beg the question: what do you need with a stole and a fur coat?

Mara Hoffman Swim

Via HonestlyWTF
Check out these gorgeous shots from Mara Hoffman's upcoming swimwear line. Gorg!

23 January 2012

Dior in Grey

We have this to look forward to from Christian Dior, Spring 2012. Anyone care to make a wager on who will be the one to wear this to the Oscars?

Balmain in Red

Via PreppieBettie
Is it weird that I can't imagine this top looking any better with pants? It's like a rash guard - you could wear this to the beach...

19 January 2012

Statement Pants

Via PearlandShine
You know I love my statement pants. But solid all-over gold sequins? Time out! And for mid-day coffee no less. Bold, girl. As usual, notice how she keeps the rest of the outfit neutral.


Via ClassyInTheCity

15 January 2012

Golden Globes 2012: Best Dressed

Here are my fashion faves for the evening, in no particular order:

1) Nicole Richie. Rocking Julien MacDonald. She does a mean Goldie Hawn, no?

2) Charlize Theron, wearing Dior, like any good spokesperson should! But who could contest when the result is that?!

3) Emma Stone. She's become a favorite of mine this year and I'm pleased to see her in this gorgeous Lanvin number. Perfect for her!

4) Dianna Agron. The Glee-ette turned up in a laser-cut, poppy red, very glamorous Giles gown. Hello!

5) Evan Rachel Wood. I can't believe I'm placing her on my best dressed list, but low and behold...it's Gucci.

6) Sofia Vergara. Sure it'd be nice to see her, just once, in a dress that wasn't mermaid clingy, but the texture on the skirt of that dress is stunning. By Vera Wang. Didn't she wear Vera Wang at The Emmy's?

7) Sarah Hyland. Dolce and Gabbana. This is just so pretty and simple and effortless.

8) Debra Messing. I'm so fucking sick of those damned commercials for her new TV movie I can barely control myself. But damned if the woman doesn't look as good as she always did. Monique Lhullier.

9) Ricky Gervais. I tend to skip over gobs of pictures of men in tuxes. His made me pause. My god are these 2 not just the perfect, breezy Hollywood couple? Nailed it. Suit by Ted Baker.

10) Sarah Michelle Gellar. Typical? No. Risky? For sure. Successful? Absolutely! Loved it. Another by Monique Lhullier.

13 January 2012

Not Cute, M

Via PreppieBettie
Marilyn Monroe, getting sloppy drunk, hanging shit off her head.


Via ClassyInTheCity
Where can I get a pair of these?! Love the whole entire mise-en-scene. Those pants are just made for tooling around on that scooter.

In The Heart Of It

Via ClassyInTheCity
Can you even imagine living in that corner apartment? Moreover, can you even imagine what that rents for?

12 January 2012

Presidential Style

Via JuicyCity
A-dorable! He looks great. She looks great. Even the Secret Service looks great.

Sunday Best

Via StreetEtiquette
Dressed in their best, a group of children leave Sunday School. Nigeria, 1962. Loving the suit with shorts and the sundress/hat combos!

11 January 2012

A Wise Man Once Said:

Via Pinterest

Teal Eyeliner

Via KhloeKardashian
Generally speaking, colorful makeup is hard to pull off. But I'm feelin Khloe K's teal eyeliner here. It matches the girl's big bold personality. She's no shrinking violet! And speaking of violet, how about this eye shadow:

Vogue: Dare to Flare

This month's Vogue featured a lovely spread on the most scrumptious, sculpted, 3-dimensional clothes you'd ever hope to find.There's something so surreal about fabric that has a life of its own. Very fairytale-esque... for the modern damsel. No distress needed.