30 September 2011

Cuffs and Heels

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29 September 2011

European Neutrals

Via ClassyintheCity
Such a breath-taking space. Neutrals in design are almost always gorgeous, particularly if you have loads of light spilling into the space, making it light up and glow. The cow hide rug is an odd touch. Though I respect the urge to add a little ruggedness and earthiness to ground an otherwise ethereal room. It can't be the only thing in the room not cream or blush colored. I say brighten the room up with some potted palms along the arches and darker wood toned items on the mantle or go with a rug that's a rougher texture but still in keeping with the color scheme.

28 September 2011

Fin de Siecle Travel Chic

Via ClassyintheCity
I am such a fan of turn of the century, travel-inspired fashion. Back when travel was the ultimate luxury and people carried big steamer trunks full of souvenirs from the world over, people dressed to impress when globe trotting. There was such glamour paired with practicality and while British Imperialism certainly wasn't, compassionate shall we say, it did give rise to some of the great, enduring fashions in history. A touch of the exotic, of safari chic, was introduced into the classic British style.

Unbreakable: A Unisex Fragrance

I've been curious about this fragrance for a while now and finally I had the opportunity to give this a try a few weeks ago. I have my reservations about most celebrity fragrances. What do they know about perfumery anyway and who wants to add $ into the pockets of people who did nothing more than have their faces slapped on a bottle? But I do enjoy an occasional episode of Khloe and Lamar and I was pleasantly surprised to see them doing quite a bit of stressing over this thing and putting some actual work into it. Good enough - I'll try it out.

And I have to say, I was not disappointed. I wasn't sure what to expect going in. Unisex fragrances are not easy to pull off and CK One, the lone success story, launched a bit before my perfume-wearing days. After a few minutes of wearing this, I noticed a strong scent of tobacco with a little bit of chocolate and vanilla. It's really a great scent that opens up and does nice things the longer it wears. Not for you if you love florals and very feminine scents (in which case, I'd recommend Kim's) but I wouldn't necessarily describe it as masculine or musky. It strikes a very delicate balance and it's a nice, warm, unexpected scent. It would be great for a sexy night out. Unfortunately I can't give you the true unisex review because I've yet to smell it on that big handsome man I call my own but I suspect I'd enjoy it a good bit. Give it a try!

27 September 2011

Wild Thing

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Such a lovely pic. It's an old Harper's Bazaar cover from last year featuring Lily Donaldson in a Cavalli dress and the most adorable little leopard ever. By Terry Richardson. Leopard on leopard.

A Dior Farewell

Via LifeAficionado
1940s inspired shoot. Suit by Dior, boot by Nina Ricci.

Take the Plunge

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Gorgeous Dior

26 September 2011

Bracelet from Alexander McQueen

Gorgeous sci-fi bracelet from Alexander McQueen's final collection, Spring 2010.

23 September 2011

Sparkly Soles for your Heels

Some utter genius of a girl, Camille, came up with these recently:
So I'm posting the link to her tutorial here. Christian Louboutin and YSL can duke it out all they like over their red soles, but these are 10x better. Or hey, Christian L, how about you do a red glitter sole for some holiday shoes?! 
Long story short, the process involves glue, very fine glitter and a sealant. And don't bother putting it under the toe as it'll grind of in 10 seconds anyway and no one can/will see it. Do, however, coat the inside of the heel.

Pretty Nails

You know, chic manicures never really did consist of crazy patterns and glitter and bright colors and all that. They usually looked kind of cheap, like the type you'd see on a Pizza Hut waitress. But for some reason I find this fun and subdued and perfectly reasonable for a fall manicure. It pairs nicely with the animal prints and olive colors of the season. Though I think a matte brown would improve this look immensely (see more on matte nail polishes here). And if you really want to go hog wild, check out some of these other examples below:

22 September 2011

Cage Purse

Via MonicaRose
What do you think of this totally innovative purse by designer Anndra Neen? A medieval design, these bags are made of nickel silver alloy and brass and retail for $600-$700. Not for those looking to carry small objects or those with secrets to keep.

Superhero Grandparents

Via Honestly WTF
Awesome photos by Sacha Goldberg of her grandmother Frederika and her date Mister Papika. I wish I could have pictures of my grandparents like this. They're all superheroes!

Skull & Crossbones Chic

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21 September 2011

Pink Flamingos

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Halloween Costume Ideas

It's getting to be that time again! Halloween! And now the pressure is on for the perfect costume. Luckily, I'm a professional and I can help. So whether you're looking for something unique, classic or the requisite slutty, I've got ideas for you.

Marilyn Monroe:
I'm including this one because 1) you always need some classic, pretty lady options and 2) I've actually used this costume on stage before and really liked the way it fit and the way it moved and sparkled. The fabric is slightly higher quality than you'd expect from these types of costumes, the cut is actually really nice and would be perfect for someone with hips. It also has a gorgeous fishtail inset in the back, making your backside look awesome. My only critique is that the lining (yay linings) only comes to the knee so if you're under bright lighting it looks a little odd. There's also plenty of length in case you're a tall drink of water.

Country Girl Goul:
I very much love this look because it's such an unexpected twist on the zombie/living dead/ghost category. The only thing that's actually creepy about her is her skin and hair. The rest of it is quite sweet and charming, bright and happy, which is why it's effective. You can thrift the dress and hat, hit the costume store for the gloves and super long creepy wig and aside from that it's just about a nice even wash of pale makeup on ALL exposed skin (yes, arms and lips too). Ring your eyes in a brown or shadowy color and you're good to go.

Break-Thru Baby:
Words cannot express how much I love this woman's sense of humor, as well as the execution of design. If you are pregnant, you have an opportunity that the rest of us do not to make your costume that much cooler so do not waste this glowing/revolting time in your life. Again, truck on down to your friendly neighborhood Halloween store, pick up a bag of those severed limbs, a bottle of spirit gum adhesive and some fake blood.

Tons more ideas after the break...

Monogrammed Suspenders

Via BourbonandPearls
How beautifully, sneakily preppy and chic. An unexpected place to monogram, glimpsed only occasionally, makes for a very well-dressed man. As good as this looks dressed up business formal, this could also be a really unusual casual look, paired with a driving cap, or even slung off the shoulders with khakis and an old T-shirt.

Full Mini SKirts

We started to see these popping up this summer and definitely expect to see more this spring. Full mini skirts; it's the best of both worlds. You get the full, flirty luxuriousness of a full skirt, which we all love, with all the leg and sexiness of a mini.

Style Tip of the Day: Be sure to wear these up high, at your natural waist (the narrowest part of your body) and belt, belt, belt! (I've never been a huge fan of stretchy belts, but they are a godsend in situations like these) And heels never hurt anyone. Just be sure you wear appropriate undergarments. These skirts have a lot more "lift" to them than a fitted mini so a slight gust of wind or a quick turn could have you flashing more than you intended easier then you thought.

Thinking it's a little too chilly for bare legs? Check out these tips for skirts in the fall!

20 September 2011

Shoulder Detailing

Via ChiVaPiano
Check out the gorgeous beading and detailing on this sweater. So pretty. As I've mentioned before, built up shoulders are huge right now. The beading is perfect and almost looks like a mix of a beaded collar from Africa and military-inspired epaulets. Built-in jewelry!

19 September 2011

Life is a Dream

Via bourbonandpearls
From the Bob Bob Ricard bar in London. Right at the table. As life should be.

Retro Casual

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Emmy's Best and Worst Dressed 2011

First, the best of the night:
Cobie Smulders of How I Met Your Mother was bright and colorful in a Alberta Ferretti gown. We don't often see her on red carpets but this makes me wish we did!

Kelly Osbourne is wearing a J Mendel gown that is strapped and wrapped to perfection on her cute little self.

Olivia Munn in Carolina Herrera. Folks, green is a hard color to wear under theatrical lights and on camera sometimes. But damn she wears it well.

I know, Sofia Vergara never looks bad. She can't. But holy hell this is one of my favorites for her. It's pulled and gathered and draped in all the right places. Vera Wang does it right.

Love love love Connie Britton and I really would have loved to see her win. However, this beautiful gown by Maria Lucia Hohan made me feel a little bit better. You know how I'm always saying a color has to be right for your skin tone for an outfit to work? Perfect example!

Maria Bello in an illuminating number by Kaufman Franco. It's a nice change from the super intense, dark, gritty TV spots we keep seeing her in for her upcoming show.

I could be mistaken and it might just be the lighting, but that shawl collar on John Cryer's tux looks very leather to me. And if that's the case, John just jumped up about 10 spots on the cool scale. His handling of recent events bumps him up even more so.

OK, now it's time for the...not so good:
Joel, Joel, Joel. I love you. I truly do. And I applaud the notion behind the white dinner jacket. And I know you look better than this. But somehow the man ends up looking more like Conan O'Brien. You can't wear pants that tight when your legs are that damn long. Also, your skin is super pale and the white skin on white shirt on white jacket on white background is just too much.

Again, Amy, I love you. But this Peter Strom dress looks like a wet suit from the hips up.

This is just...odd. Julianna Margulies in a Giorgio Armani Prive column gown. It looks like someone hot-glued big fat jewels from Hobby Lobby onto it.

And finally we have Melissa McCarthy. Honey, you're better than this! That thing looks like it came off the rack at Pennies. It's matronly and gross and it looks like it came from the set of Dynasty and your stylist needs to rethink things. ...And I literally just read that she made it herself and now I feel bad! OK. In that case, not bad at all. But maybe leave that sort of thing to smaller, non-televised events. I speak from experience, designing for yourself is the hardest design in the world! You don't have the perspective someone else does.