22 July 2011

Matte Nails

I am quickly becoming obsessed with matte nails!  OPI, as well as a number of other companies are offering matte finish polishes in a range of colors.  The black on black french tip is unexpected and a subtle, chic texture to the ubiquitous dark polish look.  And it's a little less goth than the plain black, particularly if you have a lighter skin tone rather than gold or olive tones.

Shown: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte (above) and OPI Got The Blues For Red Matte (right).


Leisel said...

FINALLY!!! I have been in love with this matted red for months after finding your picture pinned on Pinterest, but without any credit and wrong information on the color. All my searches only found it on other picture sharing sites with no more info. I finally found your site by doing an image search on Google.

Going to pin it now with a correct link to your blog, and off to buy the shade of red I've been drooling over for so long!

Thank you!

- Leisel

LAS said...

So glad I could help! I hate it when nothing is credited properly and items are impossible to find.

My name is Charlotte said...

Like the above commenter, i have been trying to find the source of this picture! My only question is, is this a matte version of got the blues for red, as I cannot find a matte version in the UK. Or did you paint a matte over the top? xxxxx