26 August 2011

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Dresses Revealed

Via StyleCaster

The dress Kim wore for the ceremony was a surprisingly full ballgown style with a tulle skirt.

This is the second dress of the evening, which Kim wore during the couple's first dance. Mermaid style, with a full train of ruffles and fitted bodice.

And finally, a very 1930s inspired bias-cut satin gown, also with long train and accessorized with a beautiful diamond hair clip and bangles.

I have to hand it to Kim for playing against type and wearing that big fluffy princess ballgown wedding dress of every little girl's dreams.  She definitely made up for it with the next dress of the evening, which was much more the form fitting couture we're used to seeing her decked out in. The third pales in comparison and seems rather unnecessary, even for a wedding of this scope. It looks so limp next to the insane structure and volume of the other gowns.  There is however a nice progression of silhouettes and hair styles throughout the night from very formal and done-up to  more relaxed and sexy.

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