02 March 2012

MAC Prep + Prime

Product Review: MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder

I cannot help but sing the praises of this glorious product (and MAC isn't paying me to either!). Seriously, if you are in search of a great finishing and setting powder this may be your HG.
Lately there have been a number of products to hit the market that claim to give you poreless, glowy, photo ready makeup. High definition. Industry standard makeup brands like Makeup Forever, MAC, etc are increasingly dealing with high def cameras and are needing makeups that still provide the coverage to stand up to heavy studio lighting but because cameras are now starting to pick up every little detail, heavy pancake makeup just isn't cutting it.
Enter the new realm of HD makeup; makeup that will provide all the benefits it always has, but with a much more undetectable finish. And hell, even if you aren't a celeb, we're all in front of a camera more now than ever before. So even if you're just fed up with hellish photos popping up all over Facebook, this is the answer.
Prep + Prime used to just come in a loose powder, which was still a great product, but that damn sifter was the bain of my existence. (Hint: only tear off a small chunk of the sticker, not the whole thing) So I was delighted to find that MAC just recently began making it in a pressed powder compact! Much easier to deal with and much more portable.
It's a translucent powder, very finely milled, with silica, which is a bandwagon you should be on if you're not yet. This is an ideal product to set your HD makeup with, as it glides over your skin and gives it the most amazing, flawless, soft focus finish ever. And it's particularly ideal if you have skin that's on the oily side because not only does it help control oil and keep you looking matte, it all but erases pores! And that, in my opinion, makes it worth it's weight in gold! I ran out of the loose powder several weeks ago and had been substituting with Revlon's PhotoReady powder until I could replace the MAC. The difference is night and day. My face looked grainy and layered and gross (I love Revlon and think their PhotoReady foundation is bad ass and I use it regularly, but that accompanying powder is seriously just bad).
It's $23 at MAC counters everywhere or www.maccosmetics.com. Try it. You won't regret it!

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