01 January 2013

Must Have Fashion for the New Year

They've been floating around on the perimeter, but you will want to get your hands on these in 2013.

1. Metal Belts
I've loved these for a few years now but damn they are not readily available. Get your hands on one when you have the opportunity. It functions like jewelry... for your middle!

2. Intricate Detailing
Put it on your jacket, your shoulder, your pants, wherever. Just look for detailing that subtly draws the eye and hints at the well-made.

3. Leather Leggings
Embrace them. Just do it. They actually function beautifully as a neutral pant with a little bit of texture and visual interest. They don't have to be rock'n'roll if you don't want them to be. And the faux leather spandex are crazy comfortable.

4. Neon
It doesn't have to be a horrible 80s flashback. You can update it so that it's beautiful and striking and chic. Safest in summer, but doable in winter. Pair it with leather on a clutch or lace on a shirt.

5. Fur
The most glam of accessories. You don't have to go real fur, should moral objections hinder you (but that said you can find some great vintage furs at thrift stores for next to nothing). Shrugs, vests, a whole damn coat - whatever keeps you warm at night.

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