16 July 2013

Product Review: Malibu Heat Beach Glow Body Lotion

I've recently developed a serious Bath and Body Works addiction out of nowhere. Between the summer and the sales and the smells, I cannot help myself! In my latest haul I stumbled upon the Malibu Heat Beach Glow Body Lotion, highly recommended by the staff, and decided on a whim to purchase it. So glad I did! It's a bronzer, which isn't evident in the name; probably because it doesn't so much turn you brown as give you a nice warm glow and takes you up just a few shades. It looks very natural and goes on smoother than any other bronzer I've ever applied. Seriously! No streaking, no blotches. It has a lovely, creamy, pearlescent texture and smells like Malibu (oranges, pineapples, coconut). That said, it is glittery. Very glittery. But the glitter is very small in size. More of a shimmer really. Gold in color. Not for everyone but I happen to love some shimmer on sexy bare legs for a summer night out. Makes them look very sleek and toned. Super moisturizing. It's a body lotion first and foremost, with a few summery perks thrown in for good measure. Great product! My legs have never looked better and I will definitely be a repeat customer. Buy it here!

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