16 February 2014

Chiffon Maxi Skirts

Obsessed for spring! You can wear them with a million different things but my favorite looks are with a metal belt or an old sweatshirt. Both give a very romantic, frilly garment a little edge and grit. And the longer the better - while pooling on the ground isn't exactly convenient, it is opulent. And hacked at the ankle isn't doing any of you any favors, silhouette-wise. This floor length line is grounding and dramatic. Be sure to look for a lining that is of an appropriate length that you'll be happy with. I prefer mine the full length of the skirt, though the cropped yellow lining is very summery. I picked up a great dusty pink pleated number on ebay for under $20! And a great bag! God, you've gotta have a great bag to go with!

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