06 March 2014

Alright, Alright, Alright

Real Talk: Academy Award Winner Matthew McConaughey (yeah, still sounds weird) is launching a line of t-shirts and you need to have one. Come on, who among us didn't love Wooderson?! (And his skin tight peach jeans, is laid back, easy-going, frankly kinda skeezy swagger. And that catchphrase) I'm only somewhat embarrassed to say I was a hardcore fangirl over a decade ago (Seriously - I own The Newton Boys)...jumped ship when the material got super-stale (no joke, Failure to Launch was rough (though I do love my Zoey Deschanel dark and brooding)). Haven't even seen Dallas Buyer's Club yet.
 Anyway, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for that guy and you can't help but smile when a good dude, who has put in the work, lives the dream. You can share in it...if Dillard's gets their shit together, and their stock. $35, vintage cool and proceeds go to McConaughey's J.K.Livin Foundation.

Via Dillards

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