28 November 2014

Scandal design

I've been binge-watching Scandal on Netflix over my break, just to catch up on storylines that probably flew over my head while I'm doing a hundred other things during the prime time airings. And damn it is good! I'm so obsessed with the design. I mean, the costumes are gorgeous, obviously, and have had enough press in 4 seasons to write a book about (and I may or may not have been drinking and ordered a white wool cape late one night while watching). The makeup artist deserves awards as well! Read her advice here.
But the set design is killer as well. Specifically the Pope and Associates offices. In fact, I've decided that since the dining room of my new house still needs rehabbed, it's getting the Scandal look. Here's the office:

And more specifically, that wallpaper:

Now, I have scoured the web trying to find this wallpaper and while every other aspect of the set design has been dissected, by the designers themselves in many cases, nothing. I've decided I need to worry about the texture first, then the color. I was so happy to find this pretty decent option by Allen and Roth at Lowes. Paint it any color you want.
allen and roth #LW1342061
Now the quest is on for metallic paint. Home Depot recently nixed the Martha Stewart brand (one of the few readily available in store) in favor of one by Ralph Lauren that should hit stores soon. I'm hoping that will do the trick.

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