18 December 2014

Discontinued Dilemas

Ah readers, the sad sad pain of having a holy grail product discontinued on you. I was cleaning out makeup drawers the other day and came across my beloved Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Sugared Plum. No, it isn't coolest, classiest product for a 30-something in the industry to be attached to, but damn it, 15 years later I still haven't found a color quite as perfect. Yeah, I strayed into the nude lip. Frankly, that or a pale pink is my go-to. But when you're a redhead in need of a bold lip for night, red just doesn't cut it (and seriously Ipsy, if you send me one more cherry red lipstick, imma lose my shit). That beautiful silvery shiny plum was just right. And most importantly, it didn't wear down to a horrible magenta berry stain late in the night. *soft weeping tear*
So here's to fruitful ebay searches and finding a cache of your favorite product in the dark corners of an online retailer (did you know you can still buy lemon Jolly Ranchers online?!) And I ask, where do you all score your discontinued faves?

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