20 April 2015

Lilly for Target: post mortem

Holy hell, y'all. What a shit storm that turned into! I feel bad for all those who missed out at the hands of the greedy eBay cohort. Silly me, I just grabbed the items I wanted instead of hording everything I could get my hands on. I ain't made of money! I'm still very torn about Target needing to keep things fair versus free market enterprise... You have to wonder if everything on ebay will actually sell. The dresses, probably, even though you'd be better off buying actually Lilly Pulitzer for that $$$. But $1,00 for a hammock and umbrella?!
At any rate, my sister and I each had the other's "must haves" list and hit the website at 3AM only to be met with disaster. I couldn't get a damn thing through for about 2 hours. She had much better luck than I did and scored her dress and my shorts early. Later I was able to get a pants order through. So we made plans to hit the stores early. I really wanted the green dress! We live 45 minutes apart so I hit the big city store, she the little country store. Combined, we got all but 1 thing on the lists! Teamwork! It was the only way to go! Here's my haul:
Love, love love the green Boom Boom pattern but was't planning on both dress and pants. But at 5 AM when the dress was looking like a pipe dream, I grabbed the pants as a consolation. Once they arrive I'll have to see how I feel about them. And hope to God they actually ship out!
So if you missed out, keep checking back. Lots of people ordered multiple sizes just to be safe and after the fervor dies down they may wind up returned to the stores. Maybe.

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