17 October 2011

Fashion Quick Fix: TopStick

Style Tip of the Day: When I'm on set or backstage and a costume just won't stay put or a dress is a bit too low cut to leave to chance in front of an audience it's TopStick to the rescue. Ladies, you are gonna love this stuff. It's available at local beauty supply stores, some drug stores and right here. While originally intended as toupee tape, it far surpasses regular old double-sided tape when you're in need of a fashion fix. 1) Completely sweat proof 2) won't damage clothing or skin 3) It'll keep anything perfectly in place.
Great for bra and other straps, heavy beaded necklines that tend to pull too low, keeping plunging necklines in place and about a hundred other things! Trust me, you won't find anything else backstage.

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