25 October 2011

Green and Grey

Such spot-on texture composition. Let's break down this pic and see why it works.

1st, we have a very tight color palette that we're looking at here. Green, black, grey and a mud color. That's it, that's all. In fact, the color palette of the entire photo is that. The green in the door and the plants is picked up by the bag. The stairs, door detailing and handrail pick up the colors of the outfit and the texture of the fur actually mimics the shape of the leaves by her shoulder.

Style Tip of the Day: a tight color palette is the quickest, easiest way to pull a random outfit together.

2nd, texture. Because her outfit is monotone, the visual interest is all about the texture and layering. Fur is a great way to add interest (and warmth) to a look.

3rd, layering. Who told you (months ago) about laying your tights? (We did!) A minidress totally works in the cool weather if you add a few layers to keep your legs warm. It's also very trendy right now.

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